The Records

In the spirit of recording everything that can possibly be recorded, here's the Master List of Neighborhood One Sims, updated as necessary.

First, the ordinary births, organized pretty much by household, and in no more order than you'd expect:

Eleanor Raptor (Cox)
Gina Raptor
Rose and Dawn Raptor [twins]
Georgia Bendett (Zoom) (Danvers)
Hermes Zoom
Aaron Almassizadeh
Brett Almassizadeh
Charlotte and Daphne Almassizadeh [twins]
Jane Danvers
Joan Danvers
Jan and Jen Danvers [twins]
James Danvers
Zachary and Olivia Langerak [twins]
Kyle Langerak
Gabriel Raptor
Violet Hanby
Samuel ("Smoke") Stacks
Roger London

(Current twin rate: 4 for 18. Woo!)

Then the CAS sims, in chronological order (I think):
Ransom Zoom
Sally Raptor
John and Jean Danvers
Suzette Somnius

Peran Nolstovski (from Carrot)

Justin Danvers
Phoenix Raptor

NPCs and Townies moved in in the main neighborhood, in vaguely chronological order:

Marisa Bendett (moved in, and later married, by Ransom Zoom)
Kaylynn Langerak (moved in by Eleanor Raptor)
Brandi LeTourneau (moved in by Eleanor Raptor)
Kennedy Cox (moved in by Eleanor Raptor)
Benjamin Long (moved in, and later married, by Kaylynn Langerak)
Sandy Bruty (moved in by Brandi LeTourneau)
Mitch Lawson (moved in by Sally Raptor for the Townie Project)
Melissa Fancey (moved in by Eleanor Raptor for the Townie Project)
Christy Stratton (moved in by Sandy Bruty; Townie Project)
Joe Carr (moved in by Eleanor Raptor; Townie Project)
Arcadia Bradshaw (the elder; moved in by John Danvers; Townie Project)
Remington London (moved in by Sally Raptor; Townie Project)
Regina Tsvirkunov* (moved from SSU to the neighborhood by Randy London)
Lucy Hanby (moved in by Damion Cormier)
Dawson Day (moved in from SSU to the neighborhood by Gina Raptor)
Ivy Copur [the adult one] (moved in by Remington London)
Danielle Kody (moved in on a whim by Suzette Somnius)
Mackenzie Gast (moved into Casa Townie by Joe Carr)
Tara Fuchs (moved in by Remington London)
Madeleine Phillips (The Diva; moved in by George McCarthy)
Komei Turner (Mr. Big; moved in by Madeleine Phillips)
Chloe Gonzaga (the college student one; moved in from SSU by Jan Danvers)
Ally Pedersen (moved in to Casa Townie by Mitch Lawson)
Lora Mace (moved in Downtown by Dawson Day)

Those moved in at SSU:

Taylor Almassizadeh (by Gina Raptor)
Candice Ng (by Taylor Almassizadeh)
Damion Cormier (by Joan Danvers)
Camryn McGaw (by Hermes Zoom)

Townie teens sent directly to college:

Randy London (because Gina Raptor wanted him)
Sophie Miguel (because Zachary Langerak wanted her)
George McCarthy (to keep Sophie company)

Maxis pre-built controllables actually played (all from SSU):

Allegra Gorey
Jane Stacks
Martin Ruben
Castor Nova
Ashley Pitts (rather briefly)
Joshua Ruben (rather briefly)
Kevin Beare (rather briefly)

If I haven't forgotten anyone (unlikely) that's a total of sixty-eight controllable Sims in my game at the moment, thirty-one of them former townies / NPCs (or thirty-three if you count the adoptions). Getting crowded! *8)

* I'm not actually sure if Regina's last name was originally Tsvirkunov, or just something sort of like it. Randy married her awhile after moving her in, and the game seems to have forgotten her maiden name entirely.