The Danvers Twins Toddlerize

Another update about boring old prosperity and happiness! With bonus sickeningly cute twin pictures!

Jan and Jen Danvers, the twin daughters of Jane Danvers and Georgia Zoom Danvers, had a pretty idyllic babyhood, what with four adults in the house, two of them stay-at-home Family sims on pretty much full-time baby duty.

Jane zrbtts Jan (or Jen) "What does zrbtt spell?" Georgia got a job somewhere in here, so she wasn't around quite as much as Jane (or John).

Jane and Georgia and Jan and Jen Domestic bliss I'm sure I took some more pictures of people playing with babies and stuff, but for some reason all I can find in the relevant time span is pictures of like all the adults having dinner. Heh.

After the requisite number of days of this, it was time for the End of Babyhood Birthdays. Jen (I think that's Jen) went first.

Georgia takes her daughter to the Cake "Now we bwow out the candews!" Georgia, natch, didn't bother to dress for the occasion. That's Justin in the near foreground (I think).

Jen swirls around and become a toddler "And now we'eh a Big Giwl!" I dunno why I picture Georgia saying these things in such a silly voice.

Then Jan's turn.

Jane takes her daughter to the Cake Awww... Great expressions on both mother and child faces.

Jan toddlerizes Toddler Jan (or possibly Jen) doing a birdie imitation. Hey, who ate all the candles? (I generally try to have Jane take care of Jan, and Georgia take care of Jen, because that's easier to remember with "Jane" and "Jan" being so similar, and because I thought I might be able to keep track of which twin was which that way. But it didn't always work, and so this may well be Jen rather than Jan, and vice-versa. That's twins for ya.)

And now, the inevitable Invasion of the Cute Twin Toddlers picture!

Jan and Jen crawling down the hallway In the jungle, the mighty jungle... I won't pretend to have a clue which is which in this one. Wonder if they'll turn out to be "stay identical and confuse everyone" twins or "be as different as possible to establish individual identities" twins.

The Moms immediately set to work developing the tiny new minds.

Reading in the hall Cluttering up the hallway. Georgia: "And then the teddy bear said...". Jan (or Jen): "Not the teddy-bear story, pleeeez."

Everyone got along swimmingly.

Jane and some twin become best friends Best Friends with Mom I also want to get around to trying the toddler socialization trick; it'd be great fun to see Jan and Jen talking about the weather and so on.

Here's John, taking a break from all the excitement.

John Danvers eating cake Eating alone. Generally my Sims are so busy that birthday cakes go into the dishwasher uneaten. But John got some of this one (Jan's or Jen's) before it went bad.

Having the grandparents around is a great help (usually) in raising twins. Jean and John have been taking an active part, so Georgia and Jane have been getting a reasonable amount of sleep (unlike Kaylynn and Ben when Olivia and Zachary were this age).

Jean Danvers potty-training some twin Yay! Jean Danvers and granddaughter Jan (or Jen).

John Danvers potty-training some twin Also Yay! John Danvers and granddaughter Jen (or Jan).

(I should really have Ransom and Marisa over to meet the twins; only fair that both sets of grandparents should get to see them.)

So that's the Danvers update for today; general domestic bliss...

The Moms teach the Twins to talk, wearing Thinking Caps. "Teddy?" "Teddy!"

... and so on.

The other major story in that house is that Jean has maximized all her skills, but that wasn't her lifetime ambition; what she really wants is to be a Criminal Mastermind. Not too far a step from Mad Scientist, really; we expect to see her in the underworld at any moment, and this may involve still more pictures.

(Oh, and Justin's about due for teenhood, too; sheesh!)