The Dream Date

I just installed the new "Nightlife" expansion pack, which has stuff like "chemistry" (involving lightning bolts and floating hearts), and dates and all. So far as I play the various families, I'm not seeing a whole lot of hearts or lightning bolts. Here's one exception...

Taylor hearts Candice Taylor ♥ Candice Busy as they are with the twins, he still notices.

Candice hearts Taylor Candice ♥ Taylor They have I think two lightning bolts for each other. Which seems to be plenty!

The twins are finally asleep, and the boys are at school, and Taylor has the day off...

Taylor asks Candice for a date "So, beautiful, how about a date?" The "ask on date" animation is refreshingly sweet and non-silly.

"I thought you'd never ask."

Taylor and Candice, slow dancing Slow dancing Who needs music?

They spent the whole date pretty much right there.

Taylor and Candice smooching Dreamy... It was quickly and easily a Dream Date; they constantly rolled up Flirt and Dance and Kiss and Make Out and so on. It might have ended up in the nearby bed, but Candice heard something from the children's wing.

Taylor and Candice and dirty diapers All good things must come to an end. Both the babies needed changing. But with nice mood and needs boosts from their date, it was No Problem!

Candice with a huge bouquet of roses And after the diapers, the flowers. Roses, as we all know. are formed by spontaneous generation from the memories of really good dates.

Candice puts the flowers on the porch Awww...

So dates are fun so far. Sometime I'll have to try one where people who aren't already deeply in love go somewhere besides their own houses... *8)