Jane and Martin and Samuel Jane Stacks' wait finally ends

Jane Stacks has continued to prosper in the little house on Tank Street, while waiting for Martin to graduate from SSU and join her.

Jane gets another money memory, this time in her nice green sweater Another monetary milestone This time in the nice green sweater and with clean hair.

Jane has lunch with Peran Lunch with a friend Peran was in fact the main threat to Jane's fidelity to Martin; she wanted to flirt with him now and then, but nothing ever came of it.

Jane and Martin cuddling on the bed Cuddling with a special friend Martin was always first in her heart (and in her bed); he visted from college practically every day. With, fortunately, no effect whatever on his grades.

Jane in arty black duds What the successful artiste is wearing This is Jane's fashion photographer, or art forger, or something, outfit.

As we saw awhile back, Martin graduated with honors and all, and headed back to the neighborhood.

Jane welcomes the now fully-adult Martin Home at last! He didn't even pause at the Bus Stop long enough for us to get a picture.

Jane and Martin talk about college Martin fills Jane in on the last few semesters of gossip. And on his Cum Laude.

Since Jane's art career was bringing in a decent income, Martin was able to devote himself to, well, himself.

Martin on the treadmill