No Age Discrimination! Marisa changes careers

Somewhere deep inside, Marisa Bendett Zoom had always (or at least since I installed University) envied her husband Ransom's career as a Criminal Mastermind. But it seemed ungrateful for a Hall of Famer to want more, so she hadn't mentioned it. Until one night, in the course of a very deep discussion, she told her secret, and he gave her an email address.

Marisa at the computer. She was so excited she got up in her undies just after dawn and wrote the letter. Ransom warned her about the Mob's age issues, but it was worth a try.

"Hey boss, looka this!"

"Whatcha got, minion?"

"Email from Ransom Zoom's old lady. She wants to sign up for a bank job, har har har!"

"She got the skillz?"

"Well, yeah, looks like she's pretty good. But she's Zoom's old lady, ya know? Ooooold, har har har harrraggggghhhkkk..."

"While Fred there's tryin' ta work his way out of the Choking Necklace of Ravenous Fire Ants, I'll tell youse guys a little story."

(Other minions) "K-k-k-k-kay boss".

"Last week my Dad, youse know my Dad, used to be Doctor Destructo back in the day, got in his head he wanted to get into science, go work for Massive Gadgets in their lab, ya know? An' when he went in ta interview, dhey laughed in his face. In my Dad's face. Said he wuz 'too old'. Bahstahds."

(Other minions) "Is dat dhe same Massive Gadgets dat wuz flattened by dat flamin' asteroid strike t' other day?"

"Yeah, zackly. So I'm thinkin' maybe there'll be alot less Age Discrimination is dhis berg for awhile..."

Marisa all criminalled-up. Marisa's New Look So my second instance of cheating, this time via a JMP hack rather than via testingCheats, seems to have worked fine, and Marisa's on her way to her LTW. Yay!

And now we're considering getting Ransom a real job again, too, since it seems like getting to 100K after retirement just by writing novels is going to take for-ev-er, and if we'd known in advance that was his lifetime want we never would have had him retire so early...