Chaos Reigns

The day Eleanor Raptor became an adult (see Living with the Raptors), she called up John Danvers, the really nice father from down the road that she'd befriended as a child and a teenager, invited him over, and seduced him. Multiply.

Since then, John has tried to keep his overwhelming at Eleanor's hands from interfering with his (very happy) family life and his marriage to Jean, and except for the occasional day when all of his Wants have involved Eleanor, he's done pretty well, until...

Today Eleanor was in the mood for some amorous activities, and thinking that her main squeeze Brandi had to leave for work, she invited John over. Just as he arrived, she looked at the calendar again and realized that Brandi had the day off, so she went out, intending to just give him a little fondle and send him home. But before she could do that, he began sweet-talking her right out there on the sidewalk. Not realizing that his wife was just coming around the corner.

"You bad person!" Jean made the "not in love anymore" boooing sound and everything; it was quite traumatic. When I went over to the Danverses' place and checked, her Daily relationship with John was -20 (ouch). Fortunately the Lifetime was still 85, so there was hope.

That night, Jean didn't say a word to John, but she wouldn't sleep in the same bed with him. (In fact back at their place they were already peacefully sleeping together, and as soon as the lot loaded she got up, despite the fact that she was still rather tired; just couldn't stand to be in the same sheets with the four-flusher, apparently.) The next day, they had a serious conversation about love.

"So just what does love mean to you?"

And, over breakfast, about friendship.

"You've always been my best friend."

Jean was amazingly sweet and forgiving about the whole thing. John frankly expressed his fond admiration.

"I know I don't deserve you." People always say trite things at times like this.

And when his admiration carried him away, Jean made no objection.

"Why, Sir, you quite sweep me away!"

And, after her shower, she got rather carried away herself.

"Now just tell me one more time which body parts you lose if I ever see you with that woman again, and then we can proceed."

Now this was all very nice (Jean's relationship numbers with John were already up in the 90's again). And amid it all the family had also found the time to get ready for Joan's birthday party. Everything seemed under control, when during dinner John suddenly stood up and frowned.

"What's this odd feeling?" I'd been planning to have John and Jean become elders pretty soon, but when the Cheating Incident happened I decided to put that off. John's aspiration was platinum and Jean's was low gold, so I hurried her to the Elixir bottle for a couple of swigs, figuring I could do him later on. But apparently I forgot.

Whether it was the stress of losing and regaining Jean, or just the relentless passage of time, John had aged. But Jean didn't mind in the least.

"Older guys are sexy."

And in fact (later in the night, after the other pictures below), she sealed both her forgiveness of his straying, and her approval of his maturity.

Homelife is happy again Somehow John's face looks frighteningly realistic here.

But anyway, shortly after John's unexpected transition (and also shortly after this funny scene), it was time for Joan (the younger one, the one who doesn't get into her share of family photos) to leave childhood behind.

Blowing out the candles Note how John, still not quite comfortable with his new look, is hiding behind the lefthand door, with just his hands sticking through it to clap.

Her first seconds as a teenager:

Whatever Do all teenage girls start with this hairstyle?

She made instantly for the bathroom mirror, and did a few things with her hair and her face.

"Hm, and maybe a hat would be nice..." I'd been planning to have Joan be a sort of plain bookish Knowledge Sim; but sometimes a character just has other ideas.

And then some accessories.

"Yeah, good."

She wanted to adopt the family uniform (white T-shirt and khakis), but with her own twist. Fortunately (and for a change), the local clothing store was up to the task.

"Heh." Which seems to be Teenage Joan for "Perfect". And for "Maybe now I'll get into more of the snapshots".

And then it was time for school.

"I'm sorry, this skirt is dorky."

And that's what's been going on in that household lately. *8) Except for Georgia and Jane's adopted son Justin, who's been a pretty run-of-the-mill (and of course adorable) toddler, and was asleep and/or practicing on the xylophone for much of the above. And Georgia's being torn between her painting and a more conventional job. And John's wanting another grandchild. And Jean's longing for a life of crime. And...