Chaos Reigns

The day Eleanor Raptor became an adult (see Living with the Raptors), she called up John Danvers, the really nice father from down the road that she'd befriended as a child and a teenager, invited him over, and seduced him. Multiply.

Since then, John has tried to keep his overwhelming at Eleanor's hands from interfering with his (very happy) family life and his marriage to Jean, and except for the occasional day when all of his Wants have involved Eleanor, he's done pretty well, until...

Today Eleanor was in the mood for some amorous activities, and thinking that her main squeeze Brandi had to leave for work, she invited John over. Just as he arrived, she looked at the calendar again and realized that Brandi had the day off, so she went out, intending to just give him a little fondle and send him home. But before she could do that, he began sweet-talking her right out there on the sidewalk. Not realizing that his wife was just coming around the corner.

"You bad person!" Jean made the "not in love anymore" boooing sound and everything; it was quite traumatic. When I went over to the Danverses' place and checked, her Daily relationship with John was -20 (ouch). Fortunately the Lifetime was still 85, so there was hope.

That night, Jean didn't say a word to John, but she wouldn't sleep in the same bed with him. (In fact back at their place they were already peacefully sleeping together, and as soon as the lot loaded she got up, despite the fact that she was still rather tired; just couldn't stand to be in the same sheets with the four-flusher, apparently.) The next day, they had a serious conversation about love.

"So just what does love mean to you?"

And, over breakfast, about friendship.

"You've always been my best friend."

Jean was amazingly sweet and forgiving about the whole thing. John frankly expressed his fond admiration.

"I know I don't deserve you." People always say trite things at times like this.

And when his admiration carried him away, Jean made no objection.