Congratulations on Marrying Me!

The autonomous "Congratulate" interaction seems to do funny or odd things a pretty large fraction of the time. Here's my favorite recent example:

"Way to go marrying me, Darling!" Georgia Danvers (nee Bendett) autonomously congratulates Jane on her marriage (to Georgia) while my back is turned. Even Jane seems to think this is a little odd; note the outturned palms and vaguely puzzled expression.

(I was distracted because I was so busy getting Joan (eating in the background) ready for her birthday, and getting John and Jean (the other two Danverses in the picture) friendly again after a little Caught Cheating with a Raptor incident, that I neglected John's regular elixir doses, and he unexpectedly age transitioned during dinner. Whoops! But he's a very handsome elder, and even if Jean puts off her own Elderhood long enough to career-transition toward her lifetime want, I don't think they'll have any trouble. But that's all a tangent, and may get its own ton of pictures later. For now this one just tickled my hahabone...)