Brandi Prospers

Neighborhood One is proud to annouce our second PermaPlatinum Sim, newly-appointed Chief of the Rhinophrenology Staff at Sim City General Hospital, our own Brandi LeTourneau!

Happy forever. So many important events take place down at the curb, where the lighting is often bad and there's always a trash can or mailbox cluttering things up. And you'd think a Sim that's just made a LTW would at least smile, if not leap into the air with joy. But no...

To celebrate, she went out and bought some new clothes.

Elegant, eh? Gold Rush Sweaterdress from Sim City Gallery.

(Amusingly, her next LTW is to be a Criminal Mastermind. Which is what she was before she got into Medicine! At least I know she's got the points for it. Housemate Taylor's got the same LTW, and has just started his career at the Smuggler level (no pictures of that yet, since he got the job on a Monday, and everyone knows no smuggling happens on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday); I'm sure Brandi will have some good tips on world domination for him. Maybe it was his enthusing about how exciting a life of crime would be that inspired her to want to return to it.)

Brandi and Sandy

I really had intended to hook Brandi up with some male; I'd wondered for instance if she and Peran might hit if off, both being Knowledge and all.

But she kept spinning up this Want to flirt with her good friend Sandy Bruty (one of the people, I think, that she already had relationship points with when Eleanor moved her in), and finally when she was a little low shortly before her LTW, I said "oh, what the heck" and let her flirt.

They immediately developed mutual crushes, and got to talking:

Girl Talk via the Peeping Tom Cam

One thing led to another.

Mmm, now I want some chili. Another Teddies in Action shot for Rose!

So it looks like Sandy'll be moving into Rooms to Let sometime soon, barring upsets. (I restrain myself from looking her up on the Web to see what she's like; I'd rather be surprised...)

Keeping in Touch

In other Rooms to Let news, all the inhabitants have become Best Friends with each other, thanks to meals together and the occasional dancing and chatting during skilling breaks. And Jane Danvers (Joan's big sister) has dropped by a few times.

Salmon for dinner Jane cooked it, too; someone had spun up an Influence want, and she was handy. But it was good!

And this grocery-delivery dude came over once (along with Jane, I think), and kept Ventrilofarting people. They put him to work cleaning to make up for it.

In the background of that shot you can see Taylor getting into bed; Candice is getting into the other side. We'll be moving her in also, as soon as she graduates SSU. With Sandy and Candice (Brandi, Sandy, and Candy?) added it'll get a little crowded. But then Joan'll be off to college before too long (so far she has the A+, the cooking, and the creativity scholarships, I think), and that'll free up a bedroom.

So to summarize, things are good. *8)

Roomies Does it get any better than this?