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Arid staple:
Thursday, July 13, 2000  permanent URL for this entry

"Yeah, it was, you know, just not right for us. We didn't really realize, when you were talking about it, that you were, you know, from like your generation."

"I don't believe it; that's blatant ageism! I thought you guys were all about judging people by the ideas they have, not the bodies they live in."

"Yeah, well, we are; it's not a body thing, it's a mindset thing."

"You just threw my idea away altogether?"

"No, no! We gave it to Jenna to play with, but she didn't really connect with it."

"Didn't connect with it? You gave it to one wet-behind-the-ears kid to play with, and when that didn't work you just dropped it?"


"How much sense does that make? That idea was based on years more knowledge and experience in this field than any of you on the list have. I worked with the Fenris Cult on their summer thing, and they took what I gave them and ran with it."

"Well, yeah, and where are they now?"

"But, but that wasn't because of my advice! They had organizational problems."