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Thursday, December 2, 1999

I can't stop playing "Things from Space"!

That's a literary allusion: Spy Fox sometimes says it when you go into the arcade game hidden in his watch in "Some Assembly Required".

What I actually can't stop playing, though, is Galactic Patrol, which is alot like Things from Space, except with more different alien ships and weapons, bosses, three different view angles, and a sexier voice. The little boy picked it up at Staples the other day, for just $6.50, and the kids and me have been playing it regularly since. I had the laptop home that weekend, and it got installed on there, too, so now I have Galactic Patrol here at work. A BAD IDEA!

I now have my own page at Amazon! Isn't that a thrill? And it has an incredible ugly URL!   *8)

I reported the other day that zero people thought my Amazon reviews were useful, and two didn't. Well now four people think they are, and only one doesn't (I guess the expensive team of assassins I keep on retainer is good for something after all). This gets me a little stripe next to my name on all my Amazon reviews, which is (a) incredibly juvenile and silly, and (b) really good for my ego. The Web is full of places to admire oneself, and I'm a total sucker for them. At least I'm not registered with epinions yet!

Recently finished Daniel Pinkwater's "5 Novels"; they were wonderful! They're nominally aimed at junior-high to high-school kids, but odd twisted adults will also love them. I kept reading particularly ticklesome passages to the little daughter, who despite being only nine would I think very much like "Alan Mendelsohn the Boy from