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Thursday, November 25, 1999

Thanksgiving was great (I'm writing this on Friday morning). All the cooking went well, we all ate too much and talked about what we had to be thankful for, and I didn't touch a computer all day except to reinstall AOL 5.0 several times, until it finally worked well enough for the little daughter to check her e-mail.

Wednesday, November 24, 1999

This "Something Interesting" went over well with the little daughter last night:

To have reached you, Miss Chess, this message has travelled half way around the world from the UK, been recycled possibly hundreds of times and finally told to you by your Dad. Its initial journey to him probably took about ten seconds which makes it much faster than I can think about. It still amazes me, anyhow.
It got a very big smile! Thanks to the sender. There are a few more queued up that I may be able to use (although she already knows so much stuff). And you can still send me more!

"I don't want a compact box of translucent plastic. I want a big, evil-looking, orange floating head." Me, too! Somebody, quoted in this posting to alt.culture.cyber-psychos.

CERT writeup of the latest in net-badguy technology: Distributed Denial-of-Service Networks.

Finished Tim Berners-Lee's Weaving the Web, and posted this to Amazon:

Such a nice guy (four stars)

"Weaving the Web" gives the overwhelming impression that Tim Berners-Lee is basically a Regular Guy who was in exactly the right place at the right time. He comes across as a relentlessly enlightened person, beneficent toward all, earnest to the point of humorlessness.

The book tells the story of the past and present of the Web, and Berners-Lee's ideas about the future, at a very high level. It's not a Techie's History of the Web; there are a few annoying technical gaffes, and not much about the bits and bytes. I was surprised to read some non-technical reviewers opine that it was *too* tec