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Thursday, November 18, 1999

This morning, on the drive in to work, an aging jet-contrail made a miles-long thin straight cloud in the pale blue sky. Bisecting it, and bisected by it, the sun, blindingly bright, turning that half of the sky an almost chalky blue-white, and setting the center third of that cloud to blaze impossibly yellow. The sun should have rings! Big honking fiery yellow rings out past the orbit of Mercury somewhere.

Schizomimetic site of the day: samsloan.com. Seen on memepool. (And pretty unreachable at the moment, probably due to memepool readers trying to load it; I'm glad I got to it early!)

I've been thinking more about the Reverse Speech stuff from yesterday. It strikes me that reversed writing holds at least as much promise. We can delve into the unconscious minds of people from long ago, and even find startling predictions about the future! Here's just one amazing example:

All men are created equal.

.lauqe detaerc era nem llA

Say the reversed form out loud, and it clearly says "like the dark era"! Taking into account the obvious reference to the Equal Rights Amendment, this must be a statement from the Jungian collective unconscious, bemoaning the exclusion of women. Incredible!

It's very tempting to tell the Reverse Speech guy about this. But I suppose it would be cruel...

Finally got around to actually doing two things: writing up a study at work that we did about a year ago, and putting glog onto the TOYS page. A great feeling, especially having that study done. Now I can try to get around to some things that I've only been putting off for weeks, rather than months!   *8)

Geegaw has some spot-on comments yesterday about weblogging and its similarity to Stone Soup. It's not an unmixedly good thing, though; I'd like more of my Log entries to be longer and more insightful, rather than just lists of amusing links. At least I think I woul