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Thursday, July 6, 2000  permanent URL for this entry

I keep meaning to bring in some screenshots of my Sims characters so y'all can admire them. In the meantime, here is evidence (from the "customization tutorial" at The Sims Resource) that any popular computer game (any technical subculture at all?) inevitably (and quickly) devolves into incomprehensible jargon:

The EASIEST way to change the pajama mesh is to download a copy of BodyWarp from Spanki's Skin Shack and load in the mesh that you want to use for your pajamas. Say you want a short nighty based on the B200FAFit mesh. You fire up BodyWarp, load in the B200FAFit mesh, and then save it out with a new filename from the list below:

Word URLs of the day: Nominees for "least contentful occupation of the namespace" include asterisk.com and fearsome.com. On the other hand, WordURL has turned up two exciting high-potential names that are as yet unassigned! Amazingly, both HotCork.com and HeterosexualNews.com ar