Secrets of the Secret Society?

Both of my college Sims, Gina

and Randy

are in the Landgraab Society now (Gina did it the hard way, and Randy persuaded her to covertly identify to him the members living in his dorm so he could befriend them), and we have lots of questions about how the Society works.

Is there a FAQ or something?

When in the Secret Society lot, a Sim has roughly (but not exactly!) 40,000 extra Simoleons, presumably for upkeep of the place. Does that ever get refreshed? What happens if it gets used up somehow?

When going to the Society lot and when coming home again from it, needs seem to get sort of randomly jiggered. In particular all the good need-satisfying that one can do at the Society doesn't get reliably carried back home to the dorm. (What the heck goes on in that limo on the way back??) Is there an explanation for that anywhere?

Do other members of the Society count as visitors to the lot? (Can they get eaten by the cowplant, in particular, if one leaves the gate open?)

When trying to meet three existing members in order to get induced, do other controllable Sims who are members count? (I had Randy befriend three members in his dorm, not even thinking that Gina might count since she became a member before he did.)

And other stuff that I was wondering about at the time, but have forgotten.

Interesting place, the Society...