"Why, Jean!" These Sims never cease surprising me

So the Danverses are one of the few families in Neighborhood One that have never had a hot tub. Jean Danvers just had her first experience of one, and she got quite carried away.

The warm water, the gentle purring of the pumps, the lovely frangrances (it was a Love Tub still in its active period); how could anyone resist the urge to have nothing at all between one's flesh and all of that?

Jean Danvers nude in the hot tub; Peran considering getting in "Oh, Mrs. Danvers! I, um, didn't, uh, do you mind if I...?" Perran didn't know quite what to say, but Jean paid no attention. Doesn't she look serene, though? Who would have thought that cute innocent faithful forgiving snub-nosed Jean would be one to get into hot tubs naked.

(This happened at Damion Cormier's new bachelor pad; Jean and Perran and Eleanor were the welcoming committee. The story of Damion's SSU career, tentatively titled "Sleeping through College", will be posted as soon as I can winnow down the picture album to less than half a zillion and pass them all through Photoshop for contrast adjustment and resizing and compression and all. But in the meantime this one just cried out to be posted.)