Hermes Graduates Another Bright House update

So I seem to be sort of Between Plots in most of Neighborhood One, but just for the sake of completeness here's a brief Bright House update.

Hermes pops the question Hermes has proposed to Camryn. And of course she accepted.

Zachary watches over a sleeping sated Sophie Zachary and Sophie got themselves a double bed. Young people these days; you know.

Hermes kisses Camryn at his graduation party Hermes graduated with honors, and had your typical party. Including entertainment by the Karaoke Cow, seen in the background here.

Hermes heads for the taxi, in a nice suit After which he headed back to the neighborhood in the twilight. His businesslike adult suit is right in character, too.

Hermes hugs his Dad, in the study of the ancestral home Hermes returned to his childhood home back in the Neighborhood. That's his Dad, Ransom Zoom, my first-ever Sims 2 Sim, that he's hugging. That's also Ransom, in his youth, in the picture on the wall.

He turned out to be the Young Entrepreneur type.

Hermes getting into a long black limo President of his own company already.

And back in the Bright House, life goes on as usual.

Zachary and Sophie studying And on and on and on... Camryn's somewhere else in the house, probably also studying. She visits Hermes back in the neighborhood quite often, and I expect she'll move into the Zoom place with him and get married there and stuff once she finally graduates. I'm coming to reluctantly admit that the EA BBS consensus may have some truth to it: college does take a bit too long. Maybe I'll finally break down and use the College Clock sometime.

So there we are! Once Camryn graduates there'll be an empty bedroom in the house for some of these Neighborhood teens that are rapidly approaching college...