Ecstasy and Transformation 1/3: Eleanor's score

Okay, even I don't feel up to a detailed pictorial recap of Eleanor Raptor's amorous career. (Eleanor herself wouldn't be particularly interested; unlike her mother Sally, Eleanor often loses interest in a relationship once it's been consummated.)

So we'll settle for a little montage:

A montage of lovers The notches on Eleanor's bedpost Roughly in order, that's John Danvers (the neighborhood's first extramarital affair and Eleanor's first conquest, made on her first day of adulthood), Kaylynn Langerak (the maid), Remington Harris (also the maid), Ivy Copur, Brandi LeTourneau, Kennedy Cox, Melissa Fancey, Joe Carr, Goppy Gilscarbo, Marylena Hamilton, Damion Cormier, Tiffany the firefighter, Amin Sims, George McCarthy, Suzette Somnius, Allegra Gorey, and Marie Mazza. (And yeah, my Photoshop skillz sadly don't extend much beyond setting a layer blending mode to "multiply".)

And then one fateful day she seduced the pizza delivery boy.

The pizza guy and Eleanor in love The remarkably-named Pierce Landchild. At least I'm guessing he's the pizza boy from his jacket; I actually have no record or memory of when she met him.

And somehow, doing that familiar dance between the sheets, the world became perfect.

A bed, two shapes under the sheets, lots of aspiration points "Was it good for you?" "You have no idea." Fifteen thousand influence points (and twenty-five thousand aspiration points, and permaplatinum status) for achieving her Lifetime Want. (Extremely attentive readers will notice that I've only listed eighteen lovers, not twenty; turns out that John and Ivy both counted twice: once for the bed and once for the changing booth.)

So, not all that long after her Mom (and at least a bit before that hussy newcomer Suzette), Eleanor Raptor is fulfilled.

(And heh: I just noticed that both Eleanor and her Mom attained their hearts' desires via the pizza delivery guy. Some deep significance there, I'm sure.)

Now once your headboard is entirely full of notches, what do you do next?

2/3: A new outlook

The first thing she did was throw a party (one of her informal "invite everyone who springs to mind or strolls by" parties, not one of those timed things.)

Eleanor hugs her sister at the usual random big party She used it to patch up some family bonds. She and Gina are making up for a little disagreement they had over Suzette downtown; I may post some of those pictures someday. (Note that Marisa Zoom thinks Kennedy's hot.)

After the party broke up, she stayed up to watch the dawn, happy (of course) and contemplative. Seduction was no longer the driving force in her life. What could replace it?

Shortly after sunrise, she had the answer:

Eleanor thinks about riches.  In her bikini. Money! This was entirely due to her hanging around Kennedy so much, and complex psychological forces. The peculiar orb with the one burned-out lightbulb on the side had nothing to do with it. *8)

And to go with her new outlook on life, she got some new clothes.

Yum Looks good in anything, doesn't she? She and Kennedy are wearing glasses again, by the way, because when I installed NL it turned out they were both turned on by glasses, and the message seemed obvious.

Her new LTW is good old Criminal Mastermind (yawn, how unusual). She'll be the first Raptor in that line of work if she decides to pursue it (there were no appropriate openings when she checked the computer that first day).

3/3: Surprise

Eleanor talks to Kennedy about bags of money "I see things your way now, lover." "No more sleeping around for me; I'm gonna be a greedy so-and-so like you!"

Kennedy surprises Eleanor with a box "You can't imagine how happy that makes me, Eleanor." "I just happened to have this box concealed in my sleeve."

Eleanor admires her new fingerwear "Oh my gosh!" "It looks so -- expensive!"

Eleanor and Kennedy dancing Slow dancing. She accepted, of course.

Man, woman, sofa The happy couple cuddling. Looking fondly into the prosperous future.

Well, that was unexpected!

(Her next Romance LTW was to have 20 simultaneous lovers; that would have meant making up with or replacing about seven of her former woohoo mates. But that didn't fit her nearly as well as it did her mother; I'd been thinking for some time that personality-wise she seemed to be sort of coming to resemble Kennedy, and... So here we are. They are, I think, the only couple in my game that have three lightning bolts for each other. Lots of floating hearts and swooning in this house now! I hadn't really planned to do the whole engagement thing, or at least not so quick, but once again the characters have taken over the story.)