Catching up with Suzette

I haven't posted any unnecessarily long stories about the doings of female Romance Sims for awhile *8) so let's catch up with Suzette Somnius (of the Sleeping Through College Challenge and one or two other stories).

As hinted elsewhere, Suzette prospered after moving to the Neighborhood from SSU, being one of our first car owners and downtown visitors.

Suzette rockin' And generally rocking.

Naturally she kept up with her good friends from college

Suzette rising from a warm Professor Professor Whatsisname

and with their friends.

Suzette and whatsername from college A lovely coed who came over with someone else one day

She also fit right into the local Romance community.

Suzette and Sally; very appropriate Sally Raptor -- the original

And she managed to mostly behave herself around the normals also.

Suzette and some normal people Jean and Jane Danvers That's Mad Scientist Jean, pregnant with James at the time, and her grown eldest daughter Jane, one of Jan and Jen's mothers. Danverses all over the place, basically.

Suzette's Lifetime Want was the old reliable "Woohoo with 20 Different Sims" (just like Eleanor). I won't waste space with the gory details, but she launched into the project with (heh heh) abandon.

Donte Graham looks gratefully cameraward Donte Graham looks gratefully heavenward. i.e. right into the camera. I forget what number he was.

One of her favorites was a Downtownie beauty named Danielle Kody.

Danielle reveals her line of work Sweet, although a desperate criminal. "Yes, world domination in fact."

The ladies in the water A long afternoon in the tub. The water was especially clear that day.

The ladies embrace A fond goodbye. Danielle's Romance too; they get along great.

Suzette met Gina Raptor shortly after moving to the Neighborhood.

Suzette admires Gina Raptor They also got along great, natch. A rare shot from the Floating Art Platform at The Pool. Hardly anyone ever goes there, because there are lots of stairs and no particular point.

Suzette in the Dance Sphere at Gina's of an evening Late in her lifetime quest, she started to spend considerable time at Gina's house. Not only does she have cool toys, but it's a good place to meet people.

Suzette and Gina about to steam up the car windows One evening they decided to take a spin in the car. One of those spins that happen entirely in the driveway.

Afterward, Suzette found the world unexpectedly perfect.

Goofy hearts (but no Aspiration Point symbol for some reason) Ambition Fulfilled. This was the first time I've had a Sim fulfill a LTW while non-controllable! I'd forgotten that Gina-in-a-car counts as a different Sim than Gina-in-a-bed for the purposes of this Want, and was quite surprised when the game gave me the "Suzette has just fulfilled a lifetime want!" message.

Sally Raptor stayed just the same after her first fulfillment; her daughter Eleanor changed pretty radically. What did Suzette do?

Danielle moves in She moved in a friend! Another Criminal Mastermind looking for a place to lay low.

Danielle Kody, here's your plumb-bob!

We had a little fun with Suzette and Danielle.

Danielle and Suzette dressed in Danielle's clothes Twins! Narf, narf.

Danielle, it turned out, was tired of a life of crime.

Danielle in her Evil Outfit, talks about tennis "What I'd really love would be to get into sports." "You know, tennis, whiffle ball, curling; just generic sports."

With Suzette's encouragement, she boldly changed careers.

Danielle at the computer, thinking about lips Sports Jobs Dot Com It's not like they need the Criminal Mastermind salary; Suzette's been at the top of the Paranormal track for awhile here, and Cult Leader pays pretty well.

Can't have a Romance Sim without some egregious Romance pictures:

Danielle kissing a blonde Another lovely coed.

Danielle kissing Dominic Whatsisname Carefully arranged while Suzette is busy elsewhere, of course. Hm, I think this guy is currently Phoenix Raptor's boyfriend; but that's another story.

So life was good.

The ladies at cards, discussing jealousy Shop talk over cards. This is in the fancy rec-room that Suzette's put in over the garage. It's got a card table, bathroom, lots of art, a single bed for when someone is sick or just needs to be alone, and that phone that you call the Grim Reaper on. Not that anyone's ever died...

Danielle talked so glowingly of the Neighborhood Sports Scene that Suzette decided to sign up also.

Suzette finds a new job Good thing there's a big demand for players. In fact Suzette's second LTW is the same as Danielle's first: Hall of Famer. A nice coincidence that I couldn't resist.

They enjoyed going to work together.

The ladies in Sports Gear Twins again! That must have been Foreshadowing before. Note amusing thought balloons.

Suzette maxes Body Rigorous training. They were about equally far from their goal, skill-wise. But they can afford good equipment.

The ladies meditating comically in the kitchen Mental as well as physical. Hee hee.

And soon they were both near the top of the ladder.

The ladies go out to a much fancier car I wonder if they both coach the same team? Might be awkward if not. Or interesting.

So inevitably, one day...

Suzette gets 25,000 aspiration points

Danielle gets 25,000 aspiration points

The ladies as Hall of Famers Aren't they cute together? In their Official Hall of Fame Leather Jackets.

So what now? Will one or the other move out? Will they get married? Catch each other cheating and have an enormous falling out?

One interesting development:

Suzette and Professor Nolan in the hot tub again Suzette's been seeing alot of Professor Nolan again. Note Danielle carefully not looking out the window in the background.

She's also given up sports, and (showing an unsuspected talent for the stage) is currently starring in a Broadway show. This means that she's often home now when Danielle is at work.

Suzette and Professor Nolan in bed (again) Which offers certain possibilities. In fact we've been listening for the lullabye music; haven't noticed it so far, though. Among other things I want to see how Danielle will react if Suzette comes to breakfast with an ickle bulge!

(Putting Suzette into Show Biz was an utter spur-of-the-moment thing. It does mean that I've got my first Dr Vu's Automated Cosmetic Surgeon; naturally, it's on the lot where two of my best-looking Sims live! But maybe they can invite Sandy Bruty over for some lip-reduction...)

So whew; there's one lot brought up to date! *8) More no doubt on other evenings...