One of Those Days Professor Mazza gets trapped

(For some reason it occurred to me once that it'd be fun for a playable Sim to have a resident non-playable to interact with. The "Propose / Stay the Night" interaction can sometimes get a guest to stay longer than usual, but it doesn't always work, or stay in effect very long. So I said to myself, well, what if a guest just sort of couldn't leave? Could we have like a secret back room with food and a bed and a toilet and cleverly-managed doors, and keep a guest on the lot and alive and even more or less happy, forever? This is my first experiment with the idea.)

Professor Nolan Mazza is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Sim State University.

The professor meets Suzette "Hoobie, Noobie!" The professor meets Suzette Somnius.

Suzette Somnius was one of his favorite students. She never actually showed up at any of this classes or did any of his assignments, but they became very good friends, and she persuaded him to give her grades that she might not have, strictly speaking, deserved.

Suzette earns credits over breakfast "And your haircut is definitely hot."

When Suzette's cum laude was announced at the graduation ceremony, Professor Mazza noticed that he wasn't the only faculty member in the audience who was averting his eyes and whistling nonchalantly. There was a rumor that Suzette had (following an old SSU tradition) become more than very good friends with some of her other professors, but Professor Mazza's relationship with her had never gone beyond friendship.

At least not until she moved back to the neighborhood.

Suzette and Professor Mazza blissfully asleep The tumult and the shouting has died. She's working on a "woohoo with 20 different Sims" lifetime want here; I think he's like number seven (she got off to a slow start because she was busy with the Challenge in college).

One day Suzette invited the Professor over, and after a bit of amatory recreation he found that she had put out a banquet table.