The Danvers House

Even though it's been years since I last posted a story here (blame Second Life and WoW), a kind person wrote me recently in praise of the stories, and asked if I had a picture of the Dawson house.

I was sure I did, but either I was wrong or I just couldn't find it, so I fired up TS2 for the first time in ages (even had no trouble finding the CD!), and took a picture:

The Danvers place, from above The Danvers place, plan view. Ah, nostalgia!

Let's see. First on the upper left, there's the new music and media room, at the end of a short hallway that leads to the kid-bedroom (scene of the socializing babies picture, currently occupied by a no-longer-baby James), and to the main hall. To the right of that, Jean's elaborately stone-floored Mad Scientist Lab (complete with high-tech aspiration reward), in the upper left corner of which is visible the Tombstone of Life and Death from The Great Experiment. Just below that, the rather opulent back bathroom.

The room with the flowered rug is Jane and Georgia's old room, mostly empty since they got their own place; to the right across the hall from that is the general-purpose room, with baby stuff just waiting for the next family member to show up (and Jean meditating, with that sort of thing in mind as well). Below the flower-rug room are the kitchen and the front bathroom, in the hall outside of which John is barely visible at the computer doing something (I stick the computer table into that little wall-niche when no one's using it).

And finally, closest to us, the dining room (with pinball machine), the master bedroom (with John and Jean's easels and the nice dresser and the haunted dartboard), and the fenced yard at bottom right. Various telescopes, bars, chess boards, aspiration rewards, dream-date roses, and so on are scattered about outside, and below it all is the sidewalk along which passersby stroll, and usually come in to complicate things.

So that's the Danvers place!

While I was looking around at my Sims pictures, I looked at the very last one that I took before getting distracted from TS2, and I just had to share it. It's John's most recent work, and well...

Jean, by John Awwwww! So utterly perfect! The most Jean-like pose imaginable, being both Knowledgey and extremely cute, and the thought of John lovingly painting her doing it.

Well, that was fun! *8) Maybe I'll actually play TS2 again sometime. If I can remember what all the keys do and stuff...