The Townie Project Part 47: An inconvenient burglar

Various things have happened in Casa Townie since last time we checked in. The twins have gone off to college (Dawn, the Romance one, living in the same house that her big sister Gina enjoyed so much all those years ago and carrying on the proud tradition; and Rose the Family one sharing a house with her nephew Gabriel and Jen Danvers (who moved out of their dorm because it was too glitched), and enjoying frequent visits from Aaron).

The twins' father Mitch remains happily in love with Ally (see last few episodes), although he has fallen accidentally in love with Sally (and out again) at least once in the interim. The Casa is a busy place, though, and big events like weddings are hard to set up.

Eventually, everyone's schedules lined up nicely, Sally (and therefore her children) were cool with the idea, and the wedding was arranged.

The wedding stage They set up the Wedding Stuff out on the extensive back deck the day before. I don't know if I've ever posted pictures of the new back deck; it was made possible mostly by the large amounts of cash and inventory items that Mackenzie brought in back in Part 35 or so.

But that night, there was a complication...

Burglar! Burglar! He snuck in through the basement door, too, and there's no alarm in the basement. Fortunately he didn't find anything he wanted down there.

Christy reports the sneaking dude to the authorities "Of course I'm sure he's a burglar! He's got the striped shirt and everything!" I had Christy call the police, but the burglar came upstairs and set off the alarm anyway, so I needn't have bothered.

Joe springs bravely from bed "Don't worry, darling, I'll take care of this." Sims really ought to be able to beat up burglars themselves (they can't, can they?).

Burglar caught The villain was caught.