The Townie Project Part 47: An inconvenient burglar

Various things have happened in Casa Townie since last time we checked in. The twins have gone off to college (Dawn, the Romance one, living in the same house that her big sister Gina enjoyed so much all those years ago and carrying on the proud tradition; and Rose the Family one sharing a house with her nephew Gabriel and Jen Danvers (who moved out of their dorm because it was too glitched), and enjoying frequent visits from Aaron).

The twins' father Mitch remains happily in love with Ally (see last few episodes), although he has fallen accidentally in love with Sally (and out again) at least once in the interim. The Casa is a busy place, though, and big events like weddings are hard to set up.

Eventually, everyone's schedules lined up nicely, Sally (and therefore her children) were cool with the idea, and the wedding was arranged.

The wedding stage They set up the Wedding Stuff out on the extensive back deck the day before. I don't know if I've ever posted pictures of the new back deck; it was made possible mostly by the large amounts of cash and inventory items that Mackenzie brought in back in Part 35 or so.

But that night, there was a complication...

Burglar! Burglar! He snuck in through the basement door, too, and there's no alarm in the basement. Fortunately he didn't find anything he wanted down there.

Christy reports the sneaking dude to the authorities "Of course I'm sure he's a burglar! He's got the striped shirt and everything!" I had Christy call the police, but the burglar came upstairs and set off the alarm anyway, so I needn't have bothered.

Joe springs bravely from bed "Don't worry, darling, I'll take care of this." Sims really ought to be able to beat up burglars themselves (they can't, can they?).

Burglar caught The villain was caught. For a change.

But not before he stole the waterfall statue from the front of the Casa. (Which he could have taken without going into the house and setting off the alarm.)

Townies mourning their stolen-but-replaced treasure "Boo hoo, our statue is gone!" "This completely identical one just isn't the same!"

But no burglar can thwart the course of True Love, so everyone went back to bed to rest up for work and weddings tomorrow.

The Townie Project Part 48: Preparations

All and sundry were psyched for the wedding the next day.

Mackenzie is sad about the burglar Although the burglary wasn't entirely forgotten. Poor Mackenzie; I think Fortune Sims take it the hardest.

Everyone had lost a little sleep due to the excitement, and the Energizer was pressed into service.

Down in the cellar (Yes, this is a horrible shot.) That's the bride-to-be in the energizer, the groom-to-be heading for the phone to invite the wedding guests, and other people milling around.

By the time everyone was home from work and the festivities began, it was evening.

The guests being to gather out in back The guests begin to gather. That's Christy Stratton with her hip-phone ringing, matriarch Sally Raptor apparently mashing Christy's head into her side, Sally and Mitch's eldest daughter Eleanor (now Cox) to the right of them, Sally and Mitch's second daughter Gina to the right of them, and various other mixed Casa residents. More are on the way. Mitch and Ally are under the arch, being nervous.

Meanwhile, inside the house...

The Raptor twins sitting around the living room floor The twins hang out. Long-time readers will remember how Dawn Raptor, as a teen, spent her big sister Eleanor's entire wedding inside eating chips. History now repeats itself.

The ceremony begins Almost time! Eleanor seems to be getting bored in the back row there. The blonde at the other end of the back row is some townie whose name I forget; she's popular with the Romance Sims, and tends to get invited to things. The standing lady with the white hair is of course former repair-person Arcadia Bradshaw.

The Townie Project Part 49: Man and Wife

Exchanging vows "I, Mitch Lawson,..."

All married up! "And I, Ally Pederson,..."

Sally looks on as the father of her children gets married. " have and to hold..." Sally's feelings must be richly mixed here.

The wedding kiss "We now pronounce us hitched."

Yay! "Yay!"

(Lots of aspiration points for Mitch there; he'd been saving up that "get married" Want for a long time...)

The Townie Project Part 50: The Aftermath

That part went just fine. But with this many Raptors at the same party, a few fireworks were probably inevitable.

Uh-oh Arcadia gets a little friendly with Gina. Offending at least three of the other ladies in attendance.

An amusing disaster "You--" "You--" "You--" "brazen--" "brazen--" "brazen--" "..." "..." "..." You don't want to know all the details, but the blonde townie is mad at Gina for accepting the flirt, Melissa Fancey in blue there is mad at Arcadia for offering it, and Sally is probably mad at two or three of them for various reasons. Looks like I've got some relationship-mending to do.

The non-Romance types went off to the food and the bathrooms and so on, to avoid the embarassing spectacle.

The twins, still hanging out. The twins missed the whole thing; they'll have to hear about it from their Mom.

The happy couple, on the other hand, were unfazed.

The newlyweds cuddling in bed Nice and quiet here in the bedroom. For the moment, nyuk nyuk.

The Townie Project Part 51: And after

Eventually things calmed down again.

After the party, out in back again Friendly socializing. We like hot tubs. The happy couple is to the left, slow-dancing; they're in their normal formal clothes, because their wedding togs somehow got all crumpled.

Off in the limo Off in the limo. Some of Mitch's daughters head home in the background.

And then, after pretty much everyone was gone, I noticed...

Sally going home.  In her nightgown? Sally going home after everyone else. In her nightgown. How the heck did she get into her nightgown? During a wedding party???

Mysteries of the Raptors...

That's it for now. More if I ever get a spare hour again!