Comings and Goings at the Danverses 1/6: New love, new life

As we've seen elsewhere, Jen Danvers (the Family one of the twins) and Gabriel Raptor are An Item. She entered teenhood before he did, and when he caught up, she was waiting eagerly for him.

Jen holds Gabriel's hands and thinks about marriage We know what's on her mind! Privacy's hard to come by on this lot; they've dodged around to the side of the house, but they're still not quite out of sight of Jen's mom Jane, who looks to be playing kicky-bag with some passerby.

Jen and Gabriel's First Kiss Awwww! Through the window, Jane Danvers and Sandy Bruty (probably Jane's kicky-bag partner in that last shot).

Meanwhile, Jen's grandma Jean's also apparently been busy.

Jean holds her tummy and wonders "Whoa, this feels sort of familiar!" John's lifetime want involves children in some way, as I recall, so here we are again. Jean gets to be perpetually young due to mysterious Mad Scientist type experiments.
2/6: Rock steady

Jen spun up a powerful Want to go steady with Gabriel, but the day she asked he must have been in a bad mood.

Jen moans at Gabriel's declining to go steady with her "You hate me!" He's thinking "It was a nice kiss; but am I ready for this level of commitment?"; or possibly just "Whoa!". That was a bad day for Jen: I'd been counting on the going steady to give her an aspiration boost; unfortunately being rejected was a Fear...

The next day, at Gabriel's, they made up.

A tender hug "Oh, baby, I'm sorry." Aren't they cute?

Jen and Gabriel are going steady "If you're still willing..." They didn't really see each other all that much between this and college, except for a couple of parties. But their relationship's stayed high. They both want to be Captain Hero someday, so I'm hoping they'll remain interested in each other, and I'll eventually have a two-superhero family...
3/6: Back to the grownups

Jean's suspicions were soon confirmed.

Jean is delightedly pregnant Baby Number Three on the way. After quite a long hiatus. But omg, isn't she cute? Something about her face and her nose reminds me of a little furry woodland animal of some kind. Pregnant Criminal Mastermind as chipmunk.

As usual, pregnancy and John's sexy elderosity brought out her randiness.

Jean gooses John Hubba hubba! Right there in the bathroom, too. I should check to see if white hair is one of her turnons or something.

John's reaction was more domestic.

John talks to his wife's tummy "Helloooo, in there!"

Meanwhile, Georgia (John and Jean's eldest daughter's wife, and one of Jen's moms, for those keeping track) finally achieved her life's ambition.

Jane greets Georgia, who's come home from work with twenty-five thousand aspiration points Neighborhood One's latest Tycoon She might have advanced up the ladder faster without the face-paint. Or maybe not; at least she's not likely to go unnoticed in board meetings.

Both adult couples having something to celebrate, the Danvers house quickly had its first pair of simultaneous in-home Dream Dates.

Jean and Georgia simultaneously deliver roses Ah, romance. In the family sense of "romance", that is.
4/6: James arrives

(I always want to say "The days were accomplished" at this point...)

Jean in labor "It's time!" "I hope I remember how to do this."

Georgia and Jan-or-Jen cheer or something "Do you two have the impression that you're helping?" Great face she's making there.

The New Baby Welcome, James Danvers! So the base Danverses are John, Jean, Jane, Joan, Jan, Jen, and James. If it was a girl she would have been June. *8)

Jean and John make out by James' crib (and James) More celebrating For a Knowledge Sim, Jean is really insatiable.
5/6: Breaking up

All things, even the mostly-happy chaos that is the Danverses, must end. Or at least change. Jane and Georgia finally decided that, with the coming of James, it was time they found a place of their own.

But no one wanted to break the family up very far, so Georgia went online and pointed the Magical Building Faeries at the lot right next door.

General business; Georgia at the computer, Jean in her supervillan outfit, etc General excitement Did I mention how cute Jean is?

John waves goodbye "Now don't worry, Dad, we'll be just next door."

Jen (the Family twin) moved out with her moms, but Jan (Knowledge) stayed behind with her grandparents (and in particular with her grandma's Mad Scientist / Criminal Mastermind lab).

Jan sees her sister and moms off in the taxi "We're off to the bank for the closing. See you around!" Well obviously they wouldn't need to take a taxi just to get next door! Note Jan worrying about the quality of the drywall as she waves goodbye.
6/6: Onward

So as the new baby settles into the old house...

John bathes James in the kitchen sink Splish splish!

Jane and Georgia and Jen explore the new one.

The new house Not bad. Note the old house in the background. The new house is kind of interesting, being on a slope and having a walk-in basement (inspired by Sita although not nearly as good as hers!). One novel feature is that the only way to get between floors is via the upstairs outside balcony. *8) The place is still quite bare: they brought over about 10K from the old house in the form of some expensive art, but that only paid for the house (it's pretty big) and basic furnishings. With Georgia's salary they'll be able to buy more stuff pretty quickly, though. (I forget whether I kept the pink siding on the side wall there, or replaced it with brick.)

So there we are: various new phases of life begun, and not quite so many Danverses in any single lot. Maybe I'll play them more often now! *8)