Teddies in Action

Here are Brandi Letourneau and Sally Raptor, looking cute in two of Rose's creations (being a pale redhead, Sally probably shouldn't really wear red, but sometimes she just doesn't listen to me):

Rock on! Although it looks like Brandi's appreciating Sally's air-guitar playing, they're actually dancing together. Or really that odd half-together thing where one Sims does Dance Solo and another one does Join. Dancing solo together. Or something.

(Note Brandi's attractive navel enhancing, and being enhanced by, the teddy. No other taboo anatomical features are visible for enhancement because I'm still using the game default skins for all my Sims, and doing more risque things like topless undies only via Body Shop clothing hacks. I don't think you can replace the default skins by putting something into the Downloads directory, and so far I'm too chicken to mess with the global game files. Maybe someday...)