The Townie Project Part 16: Congratualtions and Nyah-nah-nah

Further autonomous activities at Casa Townie.

Mitch congratulates Dawn or Rose "You've grown up so well!" Finally a sensible Congratulate action! Mitch autonomously praises one of his daughters.

Best friends over omelettes Best friends over omelettes I've been thinking about having Mitch and the twins find their own place so I can concentrate on them better; but they're making so many friends here.

Remington teases Arcadia "Neener, neener, you never went to college!" Of course neither did Remington, so the teasing sort of lacks teeth. Despite the fact that Remington is at like -90/-90 with Arcadia (due to those cheating incidents), this is the most hostile he's been toward her. She's making a really cute eye-rolling sort of face here.

Arcadia congratulates Mitch (as seen through the window) "Congratulations on those twins of yours." A semi-reasonable congratulation. Assuming that the "addition to the family" that she's referring to is actually the twins, and not like Joe joining the Project or something. Although I guess that could work also; "Congratulations on gathering us all together in this insane Project." *8)

Rose or Dawn turns off the stereo "Okay, enough of that." Seen through a downstairs window: One of the twins smustling, Arcadia smustling in her PJs, Sally Raptor smustling, Christie in her business suit about to start smustling, Mitch and Professor whatsisname chatting in between smustlings, and the other twin autonomously turning off the stereo, apparently in an attempt to stop all the smustling.
The Townie Project Part 17: Love and Autos

Remington loves Ivy Remington loves Ivy. After all his difficulties with the other resident Romance sims, it's nice to see him finding outside interests. (He eventually asked her out on a date, and it went quite well. Turns out she's Knowledge! Someone should move her in somewhere sometime.)

Joe slaps Eleanor (having found her in bed with Melissa) Joe slaps Eleanor. So I made sure that Arcadia wasn't around to object when Melissa took the visiting Eleanor Raptor to bed, but I didn't check for Eleanor's many and varied lovers. It's okay, though; Joe's Fortune, and there's no particular future for him in being in love with Eleanor anyway.

Arcadia and Melissa pillowfighting in their undies Romance sims at play. Meanwhile, Arcadia and Melissa continue to get along Just Fine.

Joe and Rose or Dawn admire the new mini-van And in non-romance news... Rose or Dawn just likes the car; Joe likes it because it means they have money! Fortune sims should really be called Status sims or something. (The Land Whale seemed appropriate for the populous Casa.)
The Townie Project Part 18: Melissa's triangles

Remington loves (well, has a crush on) Melissa Remington loves Melissa. One of the new Nightlife seated flirt actions.

"It drives me wild when you walk around in your undies."

"Why, you sweet man!"

"I only wish you'd stay away from that dried-up old --"

"Let's talk about us, not about her."

"I'd rather talk in private."

"Are you inviting me up to your room?"

"My dratted room is so small two people can't get to the double bed at once."

"Beds can be moved..."


Melissa and Remington relax on a relocated bed No one uses the upstairs rec-room for much anyway. This time I checked for lovers on either side. Fortunately for them, the coast was clear (Arcadia was asleep, and Eleanor had long since left).

But Remington eventually paid the price.

Remington face-down in his hamburger What happens when you neglect sleep for woohoo. Guests at the table: Sally Raptor talking about wizards (she must have arrived after the aforementioned woohooing, or she would have had jealousy reactions to both of them), Georgia Danvers in her purple work outfit, and Professor whatsisname (who Mitch keeps wanting to invite over). Melissa even found the time to dress for dinner, but Remington gave out.

Remington eventually rose from his food and went to bed, and Melissa went and found Arcadia. But...

Sally catches Melissa and Arcadia in bed together Sally was still around. She rushed in intending to slap someone, but was distracted by her attraction for Melissa. Which is to say, I cancelled Melissa's "Be slapped" action. Sally was still furious at I think both Melissa and Arcadia, though. Have to work on fixing that (Sally likes to keep all her lovers happy).

Pictures of Melissa and/or Arcadia apologizing to and/or being apologized to by Sally perhaps to follow in some other thread. (Romance Sims are s-o-o-o much trouble! But we love them anyway.)

The Townie Project Part 19: Bowling in the Attic

Joe Carr's working his way toward Business Tycoon. He's pretty close, but needs a fair number of skill points yet. In the mean time, keeping his aspiration levels up has meant buying the usual quite a bit of (expensive) stuff.

Joe Carr bowling up in the attic The new attic bowling alley I'd hate to be on the floor below! Although Sims floors are utterly soundproof. Other acquisitions in the background: the love tub, the bar.

Joe hearts Georgia "Hey, Georgia, don't you want to come, er, bowl some more?" Joe finds full-face makeup way sexy. Sorry, dude; she's (a) taken, and (b) only likes girls.
The Townie Project Part 20: The dating scene

Arcadia has been enjoying in-house dates since we installed NL.

Arcadia and Sally slow-dancing up in Arcadia's room Slow-dancing with Sally. It was, of course, a Dream Date.

Melissa hearts Arcadia Intra-Casa dating Melissa and Arcadia have quite the chemistry. I think Melissa asked Arcadia out this time. It's a great help in keeping them Platinum and happy.

Arcadia delivers a bouquet Another Dream Date So these flowers are, I think, for Melissa. Somewhere nearby there's a single rose that Ivy left for Remington; they had to cut their date off short of Dream because of the danger of jealousy, but Great isn't bad...

And that's all the Casa Townie updates for tonight. Playing that lot is so much work! But it's fun. (The congratulations and teasing and pillowfights and car-admiring and so on above were autonomous; the flirting and woohoo and dates were not.)