A Rooms to Let Update Mostly Joan and Peran

Some (many) pictures from the Rooms to Let scrapbook, picking up the story just after Joan Danvers came back from college.

Joan talks to the other denizens about 'rain'. Joan immediately fit back into the Rooms to Let crowd. "Sure, 'rain' is possible in theory, but why has it never been observed?"

Joan and Peran, laughing. Peran Nolstovski quickly became a favorite of hers. "And then the second muon says, 'But I'm spin one-half'!"

Joan at the dresser While her default adult clothes were fine for travelling, it felt good to be back in the family uniform again. With her hat, of course, to make it her own.

She and Peran spent lots of time together.

Joan and Peran hug, as they both think about how well they did in school. Great minds think alike. She'd had fun with Damion in college, but he'd never understood Joan's love of learning; Peran was something else entirely. (Note that this is just a friendly hug. That's teen townie Ricky Cormier looking scary in the red shirt.)

Joan and Peran are Best Friends Best Friends She did spin up Damion-involving Wants once in awhile, but they gradually sort of faded away. For narrative purposes, she eventually heard about the rest of his college career, and considers herself well rid of him. (In fact somewhere I have a picture of her falling out of love with Damion while at a party at Kenndy and Eleanor's; have to dig that up sometime.)

Brandi tutors Joan on a skilling device Of course she didn't neglect her studies, either. Brandi's maxed nearly all skills, so she's a good tutor.