A Rooms to Let Update Mostly Joan and Peran

Some (many) pictures from the Rooms to Let scrapbook, picking up the story just after Joan Danvers came back from college.

Joan talks to the other denizens about 'rain'. Joan immediately fit back into the Rooms to Let crowd. "Sure, 'rain' is possible in theory, but why has it never been observed?"

Joan and Peran, laughing. Peran Nolstovski quickly became a favorite of hers. "And then the second muon says, 'But I'm spin one-half'!"

Joan at the dresser While her default adult clothes were fine for travelling, it felt good to be back in the family uniform again. With her hat, of course, to make it her own.

She and Peran spent lots of time together.

Joan and Peran hug, as they both think about how well they did in school. Great minds think alike. She'd had fun with Damion in college, but he'd never understood Joan's love of learning; Peran was something else entirely. (Note that this is just a friendly hug. That's teen townie Ricky Cormier looking scary in the red shirt.)

Joan and Peran are Best Friends Best Friends She did spin up Damion-involving Wants once in awhile, but they gradually sort of faded away. For narrative purposes, she eventually heard about the rest of his college career, and considers herself well rid of him. (In fact somewhere I have a picture of her falling out of love with Damion while at a party at Kenndy and Eleanor's; have to dig that up sometime.)

Brandi tutors Joan on a skilling device Of course she didn't neglect her studies, either. Brandi's maxed nearly all skills, so she's a good tutor.

Joan is off to work, in a doctor suit Doctor Joan Yet another Chief of Staff in the making.

John Danvers visits A family visit. Introducing him to the parents, eh? Are you planning something here, Joan? (The white-haired dude is John Danvers, Joan's dad.)

Jean Danvers also A social evening. Joan's talking to her mom Jean (who seems to be looking over at Peran; she knows something's up), and Peran's talking to John; Brandi and Sandy are making out as usual, and some visitor is raiding the fridge.

Peran the Scientist is off to work Somewhere in here, Peran got a job at the local Science Lab. I'd had him staying home skilling, since he has the Max All Skills LTW, but for some reason I had him get a job here. Probably he spun up a Want and I was indulgent. Brandi behind him is, I think, headed for Chief of Staff herself.

Joan and Peran discussion promotions They both rose quickly up their career ladders. "The Research Department is very cool; they have five foosball tables!"

Peran tells Joan a dirty joke; about cosmetics Dirty jokes in the twilight. "And the nun says, 'oh, I didn't mean that lipstick!'" (How much more intimate can you get?)

One fateful evening, Peran gathered his courage, and took Joan's hands.

Joan and Peran holding hands Right there in the living room. In his sweatpants, yet.

Joan and Peran in love Instant love. The sweatpants were apparently not a problem. (Joan looks like she hasn't been getting enough sleep.)

After that hug, she just squeezed his hands and went off to take a shower.

Peran thinks about love But he knew everything had changed. "What should I do now? Should I kiss her? Does she want me to go slowly, or fast? What are the rules?"

Peran thinks about Joan He thought of nothing but her.

The next morning he got up his courage again.

Peran kisses Joan tenderly Their first kiss "I hope she doesn't mind."

Joan flings Peran onto the couch and leaps onto him The immediate reaction "I guess she didn't mind."

Joan thinks about Peran as she gets into the car pool In fact she was just as obsessed with him. (Car pool's getting crowded there.)

After a few days of tender kisses and the occasional breathless groping on the couch, Joan came by Paren's room one weekend morning.

Joan and Peran discuss a painting Just to discuss some of his art. "Definitely a bridge, I agree."

Joan and Peran make out on his bed The discussion moved to the bed. And became less verbal.

Joan and Peran getting out of bed in their undies And well... Which is to say, Joan's bedroom has been pretty empty lately.

Joan and Peran smooching in the foreground; Sandy and Brandi in the background So Rooms to Let has two happy couples.

Joan and Peran skilling on the couch Which doesn't mean they're not still nerds. The couple that skills together, stays together?

Peran in a funny suit, having earned some money Peran continues to prosper. Despite the funny "scholar" outfit, narf narf!

Peran in the cool Top-Secret Researcher outfit, thinking of Joan Still thinking of Joan. Ah, much cooler-looking.

Peran amusing Joan with indecent suggestions Amusing her with indecent suggestions. The "Goose" action is really misnamed. (Note that when he's off doing science he thinks of Joan, and when he's flirting with Joan he thinks of science...)

Peran looking at Brandi while maxing his Creativity skill in the lie detector Maxing his Creativity. He knew he was done when he could say "I've never noticed how tight Brandi's dress is" without setting off the detector. But Joan is pretty safe; he only gets "flirt with Brandi" wants once in awhile, and I always ignore them.

Joan tutoring Peran on the medical device Working with Joan on his surgery skills. I like how Joan's looking at his thought-bubble here. She's taking a treadmill break to give him some pointers.

Brandi lounges on the couch while Joan and Peran make out in the background And generally enjoying life. Since Brandi's guilty of it herself, she doesn't really mind their constantly fooling around in the livingroom; in this shot maybe Sandy's off somewhere and she's just a little lonely and grumpy and envious.

And somewhere in here Joan acheived her life's ambition.

Joan gets twenty-five thousand aspiration points down by the mailbox How far she's come. Neighborhood One is proud to announce its latest (or at least most recently announced) PermaPlatinum Sim, newly-appointed Chief of the Research Staff at Sim City General Hospital, our own Joan Danvers!

So that's Rooms to Let, busy as ever.

Peran and Brandi tutoring Allegra and Sandi on the devices Skilling away. Peran is tutoring Allegra (briefly mentioned here and of whom more no doubt later), and Brandi is tutoring Sandy. Joan's somewhere else.

Further updates to follow, as more stuff happens. *8)