Gabriel Raptor Toddlerizes

Now we'll look at little Gabriel Raptor's End of Babyhood Birthday. Gabriel's the only child of single Romance Mom Gina, and his birthday is sort of the other end of the universe from the bustling Family warmth of the Danvers Twins (here in Neighborhood One we're all about Diversity).

He and his Mom greatly enjoyed his babyhood.

Gina and Gabriel best friends Best Friends They had lots of time together; she had enough vaction and maternity leave that I don't think she went to work once between conception and toddlerhood.

Gina had a little birthday party, inviting her Mom and Gabriel's father over for the Big Event.

Sally and Gina and Gabriel and Dawson Hurrah! I forget exactly why we had the party outside.

About to blow out the candles Second to last moments of babyhood "Are you sure about this, Mom?"

Up goes the baby Last moments of babyhood No turning back now.

Down comes the toddler First moments of toddlerhood Hey, overalls!

After a quick cuddle, Gina put Gabriel down and went inside for something. Dawson seemed a little uncomfortable about the whole "son" thing.

Uppies, Dada! "Uppies, Dada!" "Um, well, nice to meet you kid."

Sally was also a little uncertain at first...

Uppies, Gramma! "Uppies, Gramma!" "Uh, it's been a really long time."

... but she warmed to the little creature quickly.

Sally holds Gabriel "Gramma gramma gramma!" "Just call me Sally, pumpkin."

Gina and Dawson were inside, working on raising the party score.

Sally and Gabriel look in the window "Mommy and Daddy are playing!" I thought it was funny that Sally (not a controllable on this lot) turned to look in the window like that.

Sally could tell Gabriel was tired, so she took him inside and tucked him in.

Sally tucks Gabriel in "Time to sleep." So sweetly autonomous of her! Who says Romance Sims don't like kids?

Back in the living room, Gina and Dawson were still playing.

Sally looks into the camera "That's my daughter." Another of those meaningful glances right into the camera.

It was a good party overall, although Gina had to hit the coffee machine just to stay awake to the end.

Gina drinking coffee "Whew, everyone's finally gone." I nearly put her into the energizer again, in fact, but she made it to bed okay.

All too soon, Gabriel was up and ready to start his first day of toddlerism (toddlarity?).

Gabriel shouting in his crib "maamaamaamaaaaaaaaaa!" At least she got a little sleep.

Gina rescues Gabriel from the crib Rescued.

And here are mother and son, immersed in the quotidian.

Gina reads that teddy-bear story to Gabriel "And then the teddy bear said..." That teddy-bear book sure is popular.

Will Gina finally go back to work, and leave Gabriel to the dreaded nannies? Or will she quit her job for awhile? (She can afford it.) Or move Dawson in? Or who knows what? Tune in later on for millions more unnecessary pictures!