Double Beds Allegra and Castor

As prophesied, living arrangements in the Bright house involving the girls in single beds in one bedroom and Martin in a single bed in the other were short-lived. Allegra insisted on a room of her own with a double bed (she may be Knowledge rather than Romance, but she still has these Castor Nova related Wants), and Jane and Martin didn't put up much of an objection.

Allegra invited Castor over immediately to see the new arrangements.

All red and black like. Goth loves Grunge.

The bed worked Just Fine.

Goofy Purple! Although Allegra remembers this as her Very First Woohoo, she didn't get the spinning dingus for some reason.

For both purposes.

Awww! These two seem to be well designed for each other.

A rather mundane pair of updates here, but I'm getting fond of this household, and wanted to Share. *8)

Double Beds Jane and Martin

Over on the other side of the house, Jane and Martin were too busy and/or too tired to give their new bed a real workout.

She was asleep by the time he was done studying. Sims majoring in Art seem to have an easier time than those majoring in Math or Physics; so much for realism!

(Jane picked the sheets; in fact they're the ones from her old bed.)

She didn't mind him cuddling in behind her, though. Sims don't have that arm-falling-asleep problem.

And now everyone's Zzzing away...

Awww again! The only false note being that Martin is dreaming about what's her name from the sorority down the road. But I'm sure it doesn't mean anything.

(Back in the dorms, Randy and Regina aso managed to fit a double bed into one of those tiny rooms; their dorm-mates probably roll their eyes when they see the desk and chair piled out in the hall to make room for it.)

And that's what my Sims are doing. How about yours? *8)