Naked Came the Stranger I: Advent

So I read or heard somewhere that if you interact with a streaker in Uni, they put their clothes back on. Maybe this was someone looking for a quick bene on the EA BBS, because it doesn't seem to be true.

A friendly chat. Allegra is of course unphased.

Even when persuaded to put together a nice chef salad for lunch, streakers remain both naked and speedy.

Funny running-everywhere behavior not shown. Note that Jane is not thinking about kissing the nude chef, but rather about kissing Martin, a favorite hobby of hers.

And similarly when eating...

Does Martin look a bit nonplussed? "At least Jane isn't sitting here too", he thinks.


Naked Came the Stranger II: Hanging out

People seemed pretty much fine about Rodney, with the occasional exception.

"Jane, my God, can't you see he's naked?!" Martin forgot all about it two seconds later, and cleared the table.

He was invited into the massive wide-area hang-out session after lunch.

All passersby were enlisted. Good for Fun and Social. And maybe Comfort? I never pay enough attention.

And he even stayed around into the twilight, when all but the last stragglers had left.

"You know, the ancient Greeks did sports in the nude." Clockwise from top, that's Jane Stacks, some random dude Castor brought over, Castor Nova (Allegra's squeeze), Rodney the streaker, and Regina whatsername (Randy London's girl).

So in summary we are pleased to report that the unaltered laws of physics in TS2 are more tolerant of casual nudity than we thought. Huzzah! *8)


P.S. "Naked Came the Stranger" is the title of a book which, if Bookslut can be believed, is more notable for concept than for execution. But at least they tried...