Two weddings and no funerals More happenings at Rooms to Let

Scene: Rooms to Let.

"Where are the photo albums? We've got a million new pictures to put away."

"They're under the --"

"Ah, right. Hey, what's this at the bottom of the box? Look! Here's where that old picture went."

Sandy gets her first Lifetime Want "I was so young then." This was a zillion years ago, but I never posted it anywhere: Sandy's first Lifetime Want, Professional Party Guest (see previous story).

"And ha! Taylor forgot to burn this one!"

Taylor wearing a figleaf A picture saved from the bonfire. Taylor of course moved out of Rooms to Let long ago, and he hasn't been in the Ecological Guru line for ages. Pretty hysterical at the time, though!

"And here's one of Joan maxing something in her undies. El-e-gant!"

A typical day at Rooms to Let "That old camera was pretty blurry, wasn't it?" This was before I upgraded video cards; lots of mysterious fuzzinesses. (And shortly after Joan and Peran fell in love.)

"And the first time Castor left some flowers on the deck."

Castor Nova leaves a bouquet "Isn't he going to graduate sometime soon?" He's Knowledge, and in love with Allegra: the obvious next tenant. We'll see!

Peran maxes Body "And Peran maxing out Body..."

Commander Joan Danvers "And Joan in her old Commander uniform..."

Astronaut Joan Danvers "And in her space suit."

Space suit detail And just for the records, a close-up of the decals that decorate SimAstronauts' suits.

"Okay, so stick those old pictures in somewhere, and start a new page for these. There's a ton of 'em."

And why do the inhabitants of Rooms to Let have a ton of new photographs to file away? Fast-forwarding to the recent past:

Peran attains his life's amibition at the chessboard Peran Nolstovski attains his life's amibition at the chessboard. By getting that last Logic point, thereby maxing all seven skills.

Peran tells Allegra all about his achievement He tells Allegra all about it. No false modesty here. She's intent on reaching the top of the Criminal career herself, but being Knowledge she still appreciates his achievement.

As soon as Joan got home he told her also, and drew her close, and whispered in her ear.

Peran holds Joan "Darling, now that I've proven myself, will you..." I had the Special Events Camera turned on, and the stupid cinematic kept me from getting a picture of his actually proposing!

Peran and Joan engaged "Of course I will." Awww...

The Big Day was scheduled for a convenient time in the future. In the meantime...

Astronaut Joan gets another promotion Astronaut Joan gets another promotion.

General Joan General Joan in her spiffy uniform.

Generals and Robbers A little game of Generals and Robbers. Peran's been talking to Allegra too much; his next ambition is to be a Master Criminal also! Sandy (in the background smooching Brandi) is working on Celebrity Chef; that's the Restauranteur jacket she's wearing here.

Allegra maxes Creativity Allegra maxes creativity, with a little help from her friends. Criminal masterminds need to be very creative.

Joan and Peran discuss jail; Peran is in his Robber togs Joan worries about Peran. "Don't worry, darling; my Body skill is higher than any of those cops'."

Brandi floats in meditation And although she's been PermaPlatinum forever, Brandi's not completely idle. Enlightenment, here we come.

Somewhere in here Sandy tried another new look.

Sandy in pink Sandy in pink. Still not quite enough to distract from her... unique face.

Peran and Allegra swoon over Sandy Peran and Allegra seem to approve.

This inspired Allegra.

Allegra in elegant new clothes Allegra in lace. These clothes are downloaded from somewhere, I think, but I don't remember where. Much nicer than her previous outfit, and still in character.

Brandi helps Sandy max her cooking skill Skilling in undies. Rooms to Let is all about skilling. And undies.

(But anyway even I think that that's too many random pictures; so on to the Real Stuff!)

Finally, the Day came.

Joan and Peran at the wedding arch Joan and Peran and the Wedding Arch. Joan is calling to invite the guests; Peran, typically, is thinking about school. Kinda manical-looking, isn't he?

Joan and Peran's guests begin to arrive The guests begin to arrive. John and Jean Danvers, Joan's parents, spontaneously smooch in the mid-background. The redhead is Candice Ng Almassizadeh, Taylor's wife and Joan's friend from college

Assembling for the Event Assembling for the Event. Probably the biggest wedding we've ever had in Neighborhood One; we'll run down the rest of the guest list when everyone's assembled. Decorative roses thanks to various Dream Dates.

Joan and Peran ham it up under the arch Joan and Peran ham it up for the crowd. I don't remember other couples doing this; pretty hysterical.

Joan and Peran are wed Husband and Wife! Okay, let's see. From upper left: the hired bartender whose name I don't know, some Headmaster (I think he tagged along with Jean Danvers or something; odd really), Heather Huffington from SSU (who invited her, for that matter?), Jean Danvers (Joan's mom), John Danvers (Joan's dad), Allegra, Georgia Bendett Zoom Danvers (Joan's sister-in-law), Jane Danvers (Joan's sister), Sandy (about to stand up), and Brandi (the landlady). Candice is somewhere off-camera to the left I think.

Many aspiration points are given out Aspiration points for everyone! Or at least for Joan and Peran, who wanted to marry each other, and Joan's dad, who wanted a family member to get married (these Family sims). They got eight thousand each.

Wedding feast on the back deck Everyone retired to the back deck for the wedding feast. Except those who stayed inside dancing, playing kicky-bag, eating chips, etc.

During dessert, Sandy got up and came over to her lover Brandi.

"It was such a beautiful wedding; they're going to be so happy. And seeing Jane and Georgia together too -- it's like --. I want to do it with you, baby."

"Can't you wait until after the party, you randy little thing?"

"No, I mean, I want to..."

Sandy proposes to an astonished Brandi " marry you." Whoa, these impulsive Romance Sims!

Brandi accepts Brandi accepts.

Sandy and Brandi head for the wedding arch "Okay everyone, back to the living room!" Before Sandy has a chance to change her mind; note amusing good-memory bad-memory colors. (Note also Brandi thinking inappropriate thoughts about how hot Heather is.)

Sandy and Brandi under the arch The lovely brides. When Jane and Georgia got married Georgia would really have preferred a tux; but Sandy and Brandi both like their dresses.

Sandy and Brandi kiss under the arch Wife and Wife! The neighborhood's first double wedding, and our second same-sex union. Yay everyone!

Newlywed Sandy swoons over Heather Huffington's hotness (Heather's hotness continues to be a distraction.)

Jane in the audience swoons over Heather Huffington's hotness (Think she might be Romance or something?)

What's become of Allegra in all this, you wonder?

Allegra caresses Castor in the twilight She's out having a little Romance of her own. Her Aspiration fell out of Platinum for a bit, but a call to Castor fixed that.

Four great-party memories Back inside, memories of an extra-great party. I was curious, and somewhat nervous, about what the game would do when two weddings happened during the same party. Who gets to go on the honeymoon?

Limo for four "Somebody order a limo for four?" Turns out everyone does! (Note Allegra and Castor still busily dating on the sidewalk.)

Joan and Brandi in the back of the limo "Does this make us sisters?" First Peran and Sandy got in, then they vanished, then Joan and Brandi got in. But we assume they got it all sorted out at the other end.

The happy couples sailed off in the limo and the guests all departed, leaving the bartender to forage for customers.

Allegra and Castor ignore the bartender "Would either of you like a drink?" They're sort of busy.

The couples embrace on the landing Back from honeymoon. Brandi and Sandy LeTourneau, Peran and Joan Nolstovski. (Since Sandy's the one who proposed, I'm not sure why she took Brandi's name. The rules are unclear. But I far prefer "Sandy LeTourneau" to "Brandi Bruty", so all is well.)

With everyone's needs maxed after honeymoons and Dream Dates, the residents stayed up pretty much all night.

Brandi, still in her wedding gown, coaches Allegra on surgical techniques It's never a bad time for skilling!

Everyone else plays Kicky Bag Or Kicky Bag!

They did go to bed eventually. Early the next morning, Allegra maxed her Mechanical skill.

Allegra maxes her Mechanical skill With Joan's help. It was the last point she needed to qualify for Master Criminal, too.

And later that day,

Peran and Allegra both acheive Lifetime Wants Two more Criminal Masterminds; just what we need! Allegra's first LTW, Peran's second. Everyone at Rooms to Let is now Permaplatinum.

Peran and Allegra exchange a congratulatory hug A congratulatory hug No complicated romantic entanglements expected here.

Peran and Joan discuss a bag full of money "...bags completely stuffed with cash..." Okay, so this picture is a bit out of order; it was necessary for the flow of the story, trust me.

Why are Joan and Peran, one of our two newly-minted happy married couples, discussing huge piles of cash? All will be revealed, probably, sometime in the future! Hopefully with fewer unnecessary pictures!