Falling Out Of Love

After the events narrated above, Kaylynn's life was busy; she reached the pinnacle of her career as a famous (and wealthy) celebrity chef, expanded her modest house into something grander (although still of course tasteful), met and fell in love with and saved from death and eventually married Benjamin Long:

Back from honeymoon Back from honeymoon I like how Kaylynn's platinum plumb bob shines in the sun there.

and had two adorable twins; all of these things deserve their own stories (everything deserves its own story). But to briefly continue the story of Kaylynn and the Raptors...

One afternoon Sally invited Kaylynn over to the Love Nest; Kaylynn accepted gladly. As she walked toward the house, she heard familiar noises from inside. Noises that used to belong to her. Something in her snapped, or burst into flame, and she rushed into the house and into Eleanor's bedroom.

Caught cheating Caught cheating Yeah, film at eleven, sweetie.

Eleanor rose to greet her, but her rage boiled over.

Take that! Take that! I like the little domestic touch, Brandi the neatnik casually making the bed across the room.

But Eleanor took the slap so good-naturedly (almost, Kaylynn thought later, as though she'd enjoyed it), that her rage evaporated as quickly as it had come. Eleanor's smile somehow turned the fire into warmth.

Life is Good Life is Good Immediately after the jealousy incident, Eleanor did a couple of quick succesful socials with Kaylynn, and Brandi came around to get in line for some herself (or else she just wanted to make up the other side of the bed). And Eleanor did another one of those scary endearing knowing looks into the camera. (Note also how Brandi's hand is sticking through her thought-balloon.)

After all, Kaylynn thought once her reason had fully returned, her own motives for visiting hadn't been entirely pure and monogamous...

Yep, life is good Yep, life is good The redhead is Sally, Eleanor's mom. I really need to get some more active male characters in this neighborhood.

(Game-play-wise, the Caught Cheating event was due entirely to sloppiness on my part, but it turned out fun. Kaylynn is no longer in love with Eleanor, which may be a good thing if it inspires Kaylynn to start having more nice convenient Ben-centered Wants. On the other hand both Eleanor and Kaylynn (next time I went to her place and played her) very quickly spun up Wants to be Best Friends with each other (again); so they probably won't be drifting apart entirely. Maybe they'll end up friendly old flames.)