Sandy's new life

Turns out CD Universe wasn't looking for a new clerk, but the owner of a local indy theater whose basement Brandi once used as a secret storehouse for smuggled technology and hallucinogens had an opening for a projectionist. So after one final cuddle as mortal enemies:

Gazing fondly into the future. "The best parts's going to be meeting people who aren't in distress."

Sandy was off to her new job:

"Does this thing fly at all?" Since this picture she's become a freelance Web designer; she came with considerable skillz.

Now that she's hanging out with a much looser crowd than Team Hero, Sandy's Romance tendencies are making themselves felt. She visited Gina

"It's nice to be understood." Hot as two pistols.

And when she invited her old colleague Christy "Lightning Lass" Stratton over one afternoon when Brandi was out, things got a bit out of hand.

Right there in Brandi's bed, too; well, it's not like they're engaged or anything. I should probably be more steadfast about ignoring Sandy's "X with Y Sims" wants; but I'm just a big softie.

So she's well on her way to her Lifetime Want, and so far her Romanciness hasn't caused any really enormous complications. We'll see!