What do you say to a naked lady?

Peran's become Best Friends with Gina, and now he's been at Sally's place also, brought along by Melissa Fancey (demonstrating the advantages of getting up from the chess table and greeting passersby once in awhile).

At Sally's, he met Brandi Letourneau.

You talk about friendship, of course! I think it's funny that Sims find it perfectly natural to interact with folks, even comparative strangers, in their skivvies. I know the game doesn't realize that Brandi's topless, but it does know she's in her undies, and people could react appropriately. Although I admit I don't actually know what "appropriately" would mean...

(Design sessions at Maxis / EA must be priceless; I'd love to read some transcripts. "Well, what about underwear? Should we have special reactions for people in their underwear?")

("What do you say to a naked lady?" is a reference to the old Allen Funt Candid Camera; I always thought that show should have more footage of Funt getting punched out.)