Dawson Downtown

A few episodes back we saw Dawson Day (former International Man of Mystery, college student, and the father of her son) move in with Gina Raptor.

Dawson suggests yet another date They got along just fine. He rapidly advanced most of the way toward his "Fifty Dream Dates" Lifetime Want. (Note Gina's new look while we're here; I like the coat outfit.)

Serious conversation over dinner But eventually he realized he was restless.

"I'm not a suburbs kind of guy. There's no culture out here. No public sculpture on the street corners. Not very many street corners, for that matter!"

Gina wasn't about to give up her house and move downtown with him, so..

A goodbye kiss, by the computer where Dawson's about to click on 'move out' A goodbye kiss. They parted completely amicably. (I think Dawson has gotten furious at her for cheating once or twice by this time, but I didn't run across any pictures of it. They always made up without much trouble.)

Taxi at twilight Off to the Big City.

He knew he'd miss Gina, but he was also looking forward to the Bright Lights of the city.

If he can make it there, he can make it anywhere "Hey, tall buildings!" "This place looks even swingin'er than the SSU campus. If that's possible."

With what he'd saved from his various mid-level political jobs (and thanks to Gina's reasonable attitude toward rent), he was able to buy a nice little place just south of the Club District.

Dawson at his new digs Two stories, attached garage, patio in back. I forget the address.

Gina at the new place His first visitor. Hey, he's still got a dozen or so more Dream Dates to go!

As it turned out, when the Welcome Wagon arrived...

Goopy and Marylena Hamilton I think and someone else Ding Dong! Hey, I think all these people live back in the Neighborhood; what are they doing in a Downtown welcoming committee?

Dawson was otherwise occupied.

Upstairs smooching "Wasn't that the doorbell?" "And what if it was?"

He did come down eventually, for the first of what turned out to be many impromptu sidewalk parties.

Partying on the front lawn in their undies Out by the bubble blower. Teenage girls seem to stop by and visit alot. Must be the ponytail.

So here's Dawson Day, working on both his LTW and his political career.

Dawson practices speechifying in his boxers "Down with the Government!" "Um, I mean, with Government Corruption! Or something! Maybe this'd be easier if I got dressed."

Getting the mail, thinking about engagement Thinking about the future. You're going to have to meet someone besides Gina if you want some Ring Action, you know.

Gina and Dawson on the bed; how can anyone sleep with that decor? But still tied to the past. Can't blame him, really.

Will Dawson find other love interests, or will he use all fifty Dream Dates on this lovely Raptor? And will the citizens of Sim City want a mayor with such gaudy bedroom decor? Tune in again sometime later for more thrilling updates!