The Townie Project Part 21: Remington is fed up

As we saw earlier, former pizza man Remington London has escaped some of the turmoil of having three Romance sims in one house by finding outside interests.

Remington and Ivy in the Casa Townie red minivan Remington and Ivy out for a spin. Just pulling into The Place, actually; that's the Danverses' down the hill, and Ransom Zoom behind them on the sidewalk. Being able to see multiple lots at once is great.

But with Melissa (who would be jealous) and Arcadia (who he despises) both around most of the time, Casa Townie offers little chance to really get comfortable with Ivy. So Remington makes a Big Decision.

Remington at the computer Neighborhood One Magical Building Faeries dot com. The Project's first dropout.

Arcadia waves good-bye to Remington "Yeah, like you'll really miss me, y'ol' floozy." Actually Arcadia is still pretty fond of Remington, much as he can't stand her.
Part 22: A painful goodbye

Various former Townies gathered around to say so long.

Melissa and Mitch also say good-bye, while Arcadia swoons over Melissa Arcadia is easily distracted. So is everyone else, in fact; the directions of the gazes here is pretty funny.

Remington leaves in a huff, because Arcadia is kissing Melissa's arm "Couldn't even wait until I was out of sight, could they?" The flirting was autonomous, too; and narratively perfect.