More Damion and Lucy 1/5: Life together

Twenty or so pictures, documenting various significant events as Damion and Lucy's world-lines flow along together.

Lucy talking to Damion about the joys of parenthood Potty talk We know what these Family sims want (although, I suddenly notice, Lucy is in fact Popularity, not Family; but you get the idea). Damion is a little dubious, but those beautiful brown eyes...

Lucy talking to her replacement The new maid Odd-looking creature, but we're sure she'll grow on us. She seems agreeable enough so far.

Damion has some old college friends over Meeting some of Damion's college friends Professor whatsisname there seems impressed by Lucy in her undies. Whatsername coming along the sidewalk is another of Damion's old lovers from SSU. How much has he told Lucy about his former habits, we wonder?

Professor whatsisname rejects Professor whatsername as Damion looks on Dissension among the Professors Let see, this was complicated. Damion had various Profs over to meet Lucy, and (being a Drama professor after all) Lyndsay there started to spontaneously flirt with the other professor. He rejected her advances, but Damion (perhaps with his new perspective on love) was disgusted by Lynsday's behavior, and fell out of love with her.

Cuddling on the bed that night, Damion whispered to Lucy, "You remember what we were talking about the other day?"

Lucy smiling between the sheets A happy woman My Sims are so fertile; I can only remember once that it took even two tries to get the lullabye music.
More Damion and Lucy 2/5: Happy Birthday, Damion!

The next day (or so) was Damion's birthday.

Damion makes a wish Make a wish! What could he be wishing for?

Damion as an elder Confetti everywhere Well, definitely not these clothes...

Damion as an elder, no confetti Hmmm... But the overall look's not bad. Distinguished.

Damion as an elder, being kissed by Lucy Lucy approves. Old age is nice so far.

Damion as an elder, being admired by Lucy "You're hotter than ever, babe."
More Damion and Lucy 3/5: Interlude with random pictures

Damion as an elder, being admired by the Prof "You're hotter than ever, babe." Narf narf. Damion's finding it surprisingly easy to stay Platonic with all his old lovers (except for those nice ardent greetings and goodbyes). He may have taken longer than some Sims, but I think Damion's finally grown up...

Damion as an elder, sleeping with Lucy Admiring her as she sleeps This True Love stuff is pretty nice. (Now that I have Night Life I could like change his aspiration to Family; but so far I like the story better with him being Romance and devoted anyway.)

Damion as an elder, with spiffy clothes and a spiffy car Off to work Now these are the right clothes!
More Damion and Lucy 4/5: Pop!

Remember that picture of Lucy smiling a day or two ago?

Lucy, pleased and pregnant Pop! Or actually "Mom", hee hee.

Damion and Lucy, pleased and pregnant "Guess what, love?" Did the clothes give it away?

Lucy, natch, wanted to have a party to celebrate.

Damion and Lucy and the party Another roof-raiser She doesn't mind if he swoons at Gina a bit, as long as everyone has a good time.
More Damion and Lucy 5/5: And not only that

Damion and Lucy at breakfast Damion is smitten He thinks about her constantly. All he wants is to please her and make her happy.

Damion proposes to Lucy, with the ring and all "Will you, urm, m-m-marry me?"

Lucy accepts That'd be a "yes", then.

Lucy with a good memory of engagement; Damion with a bad one Misty different-colored memories. I was disappointed by how boring the text for the Romance sim engagement memory is: not such a good idea for a Sim like him, indeed!

So here are Damion and Lucy, engaged to be married and soon to be parents. Who would have thought?