Peran checks in

Brandi invited Peran Nolstovski over the other night, knowing that he'd been somewhat bored at the Zooms, and figuring that as a dedicated knowledge Sim he might fit well into the geeky (if sometimes also musky) atmosphere of Rooms to Let. They got on very well

Best Friends. Need a song lyric about Dancing on the Lawn here.

and when Brandi asked him if he'd like to move in, he accepted immediately.

The new roomie. And I was a good boy and moved him in via direct Move In, so he brought about 5K with him from the Zooms', rather than having him move out of there and then into here, which would have gotten Rooms to Let a free 20K out of thin air, which is sort of silly..

He took the hitherto unoccupied south-west bedroom in Rooms to Let; here he is inspecting the setup of the especially studious corner:

Very nice, very nice. Both of the career devices are actually Brandi's, I think, but she doesn't need them anymore and gladly loaned them to Peran. (Scientific wall art from Sim City Gallery.)

And here he is (looking quite the hunk) getting into bed in the more luxurious part:

After a hard day of scholarship. Rooms to Let's accumulated quite a bit of wealth by now, and we've been gussying up the bedrooms; have to put some curtains on Peran's windows.

He greatly appreciates the willingnes of his new roomies to help him in his studies.

"Now the technique for extracting TV remote controls from the liver..." He's spun up a want to two to flirt with Brandi; maybe if she and Sandy ever have a falling out, something might spring up between these two.

And that's the latest news from both Peran and Rooms to Let (except for the story of how Taylor ended up temporarily as a Dinosaur cloner, and...). Expect more pictures of other things later on!

(Hm, these pictures don't really give the layout of the place; so maybe one more picture to come...)

Rooms to Let, aerial view

Just to lend some extra comprehensibility to the stories in this thread, here's the current layout of Rooms to Let, seen from above:

A: Taylor "Mole Man" Almassizadeh's room (often with Candice Ng as a guest).

B: Formerly Joan Danvers' room; unoccupied since she left for college.

C: Peran Nolstovski's room (and Career Reward Central).

D: Landlady Brandi "Witch Queen" LeTourneau's room, now shared with Sandy Bruty.

The big common room in the center is the big common room *8) with study and dancing spaces, cooking and dining, public computers, and musical instruments. There's a shared bathroom on either side. The street is down the slope off the bottom of the map, and the deck at the top is used for miscellaneous storage of microwaves and coffee machines and stuff. (Peran is barely visible getting into bed, and that's Sandy skilling on the common-room sofa with a cap on; Taylor and Brandi are I think both at work.)

So now you know.