My First SimPE Object!

Well okay, so it was really just Wizards of SimPE, which is about as hard to use as a paper airplane *8), but I'm still proud of myself.

Gina admires Miss Kinski. It's a 'recolor' of that Bridge picture, using an image snarfed from the Web, with the frame silvered to match Gina's kitchen's color scheme.

Gina, by the way, now has a new LTW to be a Hall of Famer. Which seems entirely out of character! But with her skills and social network and store of Elixir. it probably wouldn't be too hard. Hmm...

(Gina's an MVP already! I can imagine the dialog:

"What do you mean, you're putting her on the All-Star team?"

"Well, she's a star, isn't she?"

"Yeah, a *TV* star! A *cooking show* star!!"

"Look, the marketing guys insisted. She'll bring in millions of extra viewers, they said."

"Sheesh, a Celebrity Chef at shortstop. What next?"

"Well, they did also mention MVP..."

But it's already 1am, and I have work tomorrow! So no Hall of Fame for her tonight...)