The Further Adventures of Remington London

As we saw previously, Remington London the former pizza-man, after fulfilling Sally Raptor's lifetime want and moving into Casa Townie, became the first Sim to leave the Casa, by moving out with Ivy Copur.

Remington carries Ivy into their New House; aww! Carrying her over the threshold. I'm quite fond of this house; nice open livingroom, kitchen, bedroom, bath, space for a garage off to the left. Figuring out where to put a nursery may be a challenge eventually. That's Martin and Jane Stacks' place next door.

To put his complex past behind him, his first major act was to stick his head in the Orb.

Remington with his head in the Orb, changing aspiration Remington London, Family Sim.

His new Lifetime Want is to become Captain Hero. Ivy's, well...

Ivy in the shower "This is working out very nicely. Very nicely..."

[I suddenly realize that I ought to be posting these stories a little snippet at a time, breaking off at the most suspenseful points and then not posting for days, rather than waiting until I have basically a complete chapter and posting the whole thing. Ah well, too late to change now. *8)]

They spent a day or two just enjoying the quiet, the privacy, and each other.

Remington leaves some roses on the porch Another Dream Date. Although Ivy tends to spin up inconvenient things like "gain a skill point" during their dates.

Then it was time to find new jobs.

Remington at the computer "I'm going to apply for this Detective opening. What about you?"

Ivy at the computer "Oh, just a little of this, a little of that."