George and Gabriel and Jen A Sim State U update

A bit more in the "bringing the Neighborhood One saga up to date even though nothing especially amazing is happening" vein...

As noted previously, Gabriel Raptor was mugged by a rodeo clown on the way to college, and forced to switch outfits.

Gabriel talks to George in his suit As a result, he spent a good part of his freshman year wearing his spare interview suit.

Talking politics with a professor on the phone, in PJs And his PJs.

Off to class in his undies And his boxers.

A fight in the dorm; swimsuited Gabriel looks on And his swim suit.

As that last picture suggests, the dorm was a rather violent place at times; too many people from too many clashing backgrounds, too much academic pressure, who knows...

George tried to play peacemaker once or twice.

George hanging out with the combatants "Well, we were talking about the Oscars, and someone mentioned Marlon Brando..."

But it only helped a little. Mostly the Neighborhood One kids tried to ignore it, and get on with their studies. And with other things.

At some point in here the dorm acquired a Love Tub, which instantly became a popular study-break destination.

Three young people in the hot tub An afternoon soak. Left to right that's Jan Danvers, Jen Danvers, and Gabriel. The twins Jan and Jen are still teenagers; Gabriel invited them to one of the dorm's parties (being popularity, Gabriel wants parties pretty frequently). Gabriel and Jen were steadies before he went off to college; he's hoping she'll join him soon.

Sometimes a bit too popular.

The police arrive Cheese it, the cops! This is the only party I've ever had broken up. And it was a small quiet party, too, centered on the tub (upper right). Gabriel still got a Good Party memory from it, though, so it's okay.

One unexpected benefit of the tub was that various dorm mates seldom bothered to change after a soak.

Gabriel and some attractive young women in swim suits, outside the dorm Resulting in a pleasant change in at least the visual atmosphere of the dorm. Not exactly how I remember college! Although come to think of it there were a few hot-weather weekends...

There were also visits from parents.

Gabriel's folks come by "Hoobie, noobie!" Love Gina and Dawson's identical motions there.

And midnight visits from George's Sheila.

Sheila drops off a vase on the dorm porch Just dropping off a little token of love.

Eventually Gabriel saved up enough to go downtown and get some improved clothing.

Gabriel in his hot new clothes Hubba hubba! Now all he needs is the girl.

After Jen and her moms moved out of the old Danvers place into the new house next door, nothing to speak of happened for years. At least that's how it seemed to Jen, who as a gregarious Family sim missed the hustle and bustle of the old crowded house. Figuring college would have considerable hustle and bustle (and Gabriel), she took off as soon as she could, registered for the obvious dorm, and arrived there one evening full of enthusiasm.

Jen Danvers as a Young Adult out in the twilight Jen Grows Up Well Albeit in the wrong outfit.

Jen greets Gabriel in the dorm Hoobie, noobie!

Gabriel was very glad to see her.

A second, osculatory, greeting "So this is college; I like it!"

Jen and Gabriel cozy between the sheets They wasted no time moving a double bed into Gabriel's room, and breaking it in. Gabriel picked out the sheets.

Jen in green again And the next morning Jen also got some new clothes. Not that there's anything wrong wit hblue and pink, but it's Not Jen.

Gabriel admires Jen (in green again) "Whoa, baby!"

Life in the dorm settled down, as Jen and Gabriel kept each other happy and George slogged slowly toward graduation (and the inevitable decision to make about his relationship with the sweet but probably fickle Sheila).

There were a few small complications.

Gabriel has a tantrum because George and Sheila are being amorous Gabriel can't stand to see them together. Another of these complex jealousy webs: Gabriel's Aunt Eleanor is still nominally in love with George, although she's married to Kennedy. I forget if I've gotten around to doing anything about that yet. So although George still likes Gabriel, Gabriel dislikes both him and Sheila rather strongly. Very silly!

And numerous diversions.

Jen rocks out in the DJ booth; some dormie dances Rockin' the night away. The DJ Booth was a present from Sheila, who must have a rich family. She's also dropped off a pinball machine, an antique vase, a bust of that SimPhilosopher, and maybe some other stuff. Very generous young woman!

Of various kinds.

A montage of our two couples making out in the halls

So that's the update on this particular dorm. Maybe I'll go play it for awhile, and finally get George graduated. But then what?