The "Sleeping Through College" Challenge (11 of 151)
a Sims 2 snapshot
Someone must have blown one of those Silent NPC Whistles; Professor Arcadia suddenly walked off to a room way in the corner of the dorm, and when Suzette followed her there it turned out that virtually the entire population was standing around in one tiny room. (Maybe another Uni-patch glitch; the woman in her undies there is Regina, who was moved into the main neighborhood by her college boyfriend years ago, and they'll be married soon. Spooky to see her here! She never appeared in the dorm again after this, although I didn't see her leave.) The most important dormie in this shot is Beverly, the blonde in pink (this is actually her room, and she seems to be wondering why everyone's in here). We'll be seeing more of her later. (Come to think of it I don't think I ever saw any of the other three dormies in the room again either; scary!)