log (2007/07/06 to 2007/07/12)

Prompt o' the day:

Yes or Not

I picked "No"; so far all seems fine.

Colleague Cliff Pickover on Boing Boing; yay Cliff!

From Steve (who used to have a weblog a long time ago), in-car WiFi. Woot an' all!

I think I want one of these; isn't that silly?

Our quote of the day is from Shalizi:

Wasting money on jets and battle-ships for never-going-to-happen wars is one thing, and might even be excused as Keynesianism-that-dare-not-speak-its-name, but making money out of classifying peaceful political opponents of the current administration as enemies of the state seems, not put too fine a point on it, like a danger to the republic.

Everyone should be reading Three-Toed Sloth in general, and not only because it can casually lead one to The Abominations of Yondo.

With respect to our political surprise the other day, a reader writes:

You forgot the dark horse current mayor of NYC. Now, *he* might actually be worth a look.....

Interesting point. That would add to my list of Presidential possibilities:

  • a third-party candidate (and those never win Presidential elections these days!)

which would be indeed surprising.

Boy Dale, 9 July 2007

So here's the current Boy Dale, standing on the porch of that same shack, looking off into the distance, cool shades (even though it's nighttime), signature shoulder-butterfly, and sparkling diamond in the right earlobe (not shown). There's still something sort of smirking or supercillious or something about his mouth (and/or nose and/or chin) that I've never been able to pin down or fix, but on the whole I'm pretty pleased.

(Flamingo in the background is a lovely artwork / vehicle from amazing friend Rezago Kokorin, for whom I can't find a specific page but here's a youtube interview, and his voice is nothing at all like I'd imagined it hee hee.)

In WoW news, Spennix is still working her way up the levels (Expert Cook now, woot!), and yesterday when The Venture Co server was acting all wonky I whimsically went to a different server and rolled up a whole new character (a Tauren Shaman), and played him up to level eight (and a half, roughly). The first few levels really do go fast!


From here but very very very widely blogged this wonderful youtube video of Mika Brzezinski of MNSBC refusing to lead off the news with an item about Paris Hilton (and eventually feeding it into the shredder). Great stuff.

(Non-moving story about the incident.)

From the image reflog, this very neat thing (images selected at random from Google Image hits on random words). And see the rest of the site, because it's cool.

Quote o' the Day (found on Language Log, which everyone should always read):

This is how languages die out: Over time, every single word in the language becomes slang for something dirty. People didn't forget to speak Latin: they just got tired of all the snickering whenever they spoke.

And from me a long time ago, a bunch of very cool Flash things that you should look at if you haven't.