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What kind of nose?
Thursday, May 11, 2000  permanent URL for this entry

I read The Old Man and the Sea. It's a fine book; you should read it if you haven't lately. It'd been entirely too long since I read any Hemingway.

Then I read The Borrowers Afloat; we (I) bought a copy at the Cub Scout rummage sale, and the little daughter wasn't immediately interested (looked too young to her?), and having vague but fond memories of some Borrowers book, I went in. It was fun; a good book. All grownups should read (good) children's books now and then.

Then I sat around with my eyes glazed over for some time, reading a couple of fifteen-year-old Bloom County books. That was kinda fun, if not perhaps the best possible use of the time.

From cryptome: Ireland joins Echelon.

In June, Ireland will become part of a secret alliance, joining Canada, Australia and New Zealand to help America's NSA (National Security Agency) and Britain's GCHQ (Government Communications HQ) communications spy s