The Problems of Consciousness

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28 August 2002: Various small wording changes and cleanings up, and added the Consciousness and Determinism page.
25 July 2000: Added a paragraph about the especially-odd nature of consciousness claims, to the How does consciousness affect the physical world? page.
20 July 2000: Added What is free will, and do we have it?, and added a Dennett quotation as an example on the unsatisfactory answers page.
25 April 2000: Added Ito et. al. (eds) to the bibliography, thanks to David Haan.
10 March 2000: Added David Brooks, A Predictable Inexplicability, and Daniel Dennett, The Myth of Double Transduction to the bibliography, and found the origin of "blooming, buzzing confusion" for What is Consciousness?. Anyone know who coined "Cartesian Theater"?
25 January 2000: Filled in a bit more content in the bibliography, inverted the site history to be newest-first.
20 January 2000: All the main pages are done enough to beta; add links from the WORDS and NEWS pages.
15 January 2000: Much more work on various pages, but still Hidden from the World.
8 January 2000: the Skeptic page, with all of its links turned off, is announced on the Weblog.

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