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Thursday, December 20, 2001

I love the Web. Part of why I love the Web, I think, is that I love to listen to smart people talk. I can sit at the metaphorical feet of an articulate guru for hours, admiring the flow of ideas and the drape of his toga. It doesn't really matter if I agree with him, with her, if the logic completely holds up, if the claims agree with my experience of the real world (like I have any experience with the real world).

I just like to listen.

Here's a smart person talking about design. Right, wrong, elitist, realist? Don't know, don't really care. I just like to listen.

Here's a smart person talking about the telecom industry:

"I spoke earlier about how the best network is one that is totally generic so that you can't tell one bit from the next. That is the beauty of how the Internet works. You can project on to it what you need to do. Also the network is infinitely extensible, [because] we have ongoing continuous improvement in the underlying technology. Two examples are Moore's Law and DWDM.

"I walked out of this conference last year [in September 2000] and told all of my clients to sell every stock that they owned as fast as they could. And raise cash. The reason for that is . . . a system that behaves like that is an economic horror show."

I'd be just as blissed-o