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Thursday, February 17, 2000

More Lao Tzu Haiku. These are drafts of the first three chapters of the book.

How can I say it?
The blooming, buzzing world
Silent in the void.

This coin has two sides;
Sitting and breathing the air
Let your hand open.

To rule the earth,
Fill the bellies, clear the minds;
Are you that simple?

Coming along, anyway. It's going to be challenging to make them flow together, rather than sitting as disconnected fragments on the grass.

Alamut suggests a grouping of Weblogs that share some common somethings (16 Feb 2000). Some are my favorites, some I've never visited before:

I wonder ... whether my awareness of the similarities between Alamut, NQPAOFU, Calamondin, Geegaw, Synthetic Zero, Bovine Inversus, David Chess, Abada Abada, Subterranean Notes and the Hotsy Totsy Club is enough to declare ontogroup status for these 10 sites?

Stroll about and admire the ontology!

I close by quoting more completely the bread-lover whose words I brushed past yesterday. A sentient after my own heart:

i love bread. not the bread that you buy in a store, but the bread that you make at home. that warm gooey sensation...

Wednesday, February 16, 2000