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Thursday, November 4, 1999

Enormous Surprise of the Day: some miscreants have figured out how to break the encryption on DVD movies. Can you imagine! Next they'll be saying that software copy-protection doesn't work.

I have all sorts of grandiose ideas for the shared-Weblogging CGI; or at least features (like archiving and documentation) that I want to add. There's something so satisfying about just combing through code that you've written, adding comments here and there, neatening things up, improving error messages, adding bells and whistles...

Hackeritis strikes again!

Walk up the steep staircase at the back of the showroom. There's a narrow hallway at the top, leading left and right. The lights are flourescent.

To the right, the hallway leads to a large office, with a window that looks out over the showroom. The window has a narrow wooden sill; on the sill are a few thumbtacks, a bottle of Windex, a torn piece of blank paper.

There are two desks in the office, three chairs, and a filing cabinet. The filing cabinet is empty, has been empty for weeks, except for one dirty piece of green paper in the bottom of one drawer, on which someone wrote a telephone number five years ago.

Did some work on SLIGE last night (improved the -dm switch, so it always (almost always?) creates the required minimum four starting positions), and uploaded the source and Win32 executable to my old AOL account. But I should have checked them afterwards; this morning I discover that I accidentally uploaded the debug binary (which requires a VCPP DLL to run), and that the source ZIP file got all zorched on the way up. So neither of them is useful, and I'll have to wait until tomorrow to tell anyone about them. Oh, well!

(Most annoyingly, I've already announced the URL of the executable ZIP file, when I posted the first version of it; so anyone who finds that old message and downloads it today will get the debug version, sigh! I should just stop using AOL for storage at all; it's such a pain not being able to FTP-write in there from the real Net.)

So I have no very profound thoughts today