All Trends are Up

The market rose 134 points yesterday, on a continued wave of buying pressure.

"The market was definitely underbought yesterday," said Jason Q. Nostradamus, Senior Analyst at Jess, Knaw, and Mebbe, "and this led to an upward pressure on prices. If there is still upside headroom, we should expect further movement in the positive direction tomorrow."

"However," he notes, "if the positive space has run out, we would find ourselves in an oversold position, and we might see a converse downward pressure."

Trisha Stargazer, of Dewey, Gnowit, Ornot, agreed: "We should certainly expect to see this performance repeat itself tomorrow. Unless it doesn't."

Other analysts surveyed noted that today's rise in the index was caused primarily by people being willing to pay more for stock. Or something like that.


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