Notes on the pictures

General Notes: These pictures were made with Metacreations "Bryce", a 3D rendering program that specializes in outdoor scenes and landscapes and stuff (but can be twisted in various other directions).

I have many virtues, including laziness, arrogance, and stinginess.   *8)  

Because I'm lazy, my images tend to be simple. At least at this point in my creative history, I'm not willing to work for days on an image, getting every blade of grass perfect, and adding layers and layers of essential mountain ranges fading into the background.

I like very much the adage (who said it?) that perfection comes not when no more can be added, but when no more can be removed. It's hard to make a complex picture in which every blade of grass and every fold of the elf-maiden's diaphanous gown is actually essential. So being lazy I tend not to do that; my pictures express whatever strange thing I want to express with a minimum of stuff. And because I'm arrogant I presume that my pictures are worth looking at anyway!

Because I'm stingy, I don't buy very many programs. The couple of hundred bucks for Bryce was quite a stretch! So (at least so far) my images have no Photoshop postprocessing, no lens flare, and so on. I use Paint or Perl scripts to make basic bitmaps, sPatch for simple modeling when I want something that I can't do (yet!) in the Bryce Terrain Editor, and I use an old version of GJC's EZViewer to do simple format conversions and jpeg compression and stuff, and that's about it.

Note that I have nothing against people who are less lazy, less arrogant, or less stingy, and do lovely complex pictures with lots and lots of elements and fancy post-production work! Sometimes I even envy them.

Air Raid Warden (April 2000): One of the first Bryce images I made after buying the real live non-demo version of the program. Yes, it's blatantly silly! The title is a joke which is no doubt completely unfunny once explained, but just in case anyone didn't get it: one of the duties of an Air Raid Warden is to enforce blackouts, going from house to house making sure that no light shows for the enemy to target. This here eye (one of the cheesier of the standard Bryce materials) is obviously coming over to see who's violating the blackout by showing a light on the island in the foreground there. See?

"Air Raid Warden" was done entirely with Bryce (converted to jpeg and compressed slightly for the Web with EZViewer97).

Comedy and Tragedy (April 2000): If you're wondering "which is which?" you've gotten, or perhaps completely missed, the point of the picture.

The two models were done in sPatch; the one on the left was produced by taking the one on the right, applying the random-jitter function in sPatch, and then adding some "bump" to the material in Bryce.

Annunciation (April 2000): I didn't mean to produce an explicitly Christian or religious image here, and I'm still not sure whether or not I have. But I'm quite fond of it whatever it is! What would a deity have to say to an odd piec